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The Job Charnock Riddle by Victor Ghoshe
                                           PAGES : 395

                                          AUTHOR: VICTOR CHOSHE

                                          PUBLISHED ON  ; 2015

                                           PUBLISHED BY ; RUMOUR BOOKS INDIA

                                            Genere  : Fiction/ Action/Adventrue.

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I sincerely thank Shri Victor Chose for having sent me the hard copy of the above book in exchange for an honest review.

My take

The Job Charnock Riddle is a fantastic and amazing crime thriller crafted by the author with the prompt research and brilliant craftsmanship.. It is a must read for all irrespective of age . I read the book with all the spirit and interest . History repeats itself always . When I studied in the school whenever the teacher came to take lesson on history there would be pin drop silence and we listened to the historical events with awestruck attention.  Some small part of history always evokes interest .  The novel explores the events related to the British colonial era.The core of the novel is a riddle to be solved .It revolves around the unleashing of the secret buried three hundred years back .It carries the adventures of the intelligent characters. Since the story runs during the present period all the new technology like GPRS etc is utilized. As for characters are concerned, the author has given full justification.

About the Author

Shri Victor Ghoshe. His debut novel in English is already proclaimed as the Indian version of The DaVinci Code . I am glad to pronounce that the author is inspired by history and he has excelled in creating a novel with passion exclusively for bibliophiles. The book may be termed as a gem for it holds the most important historical happenings. The reader can never find out which portion is fact and which is fiction as the story is blended with such a perfect narration.  The flow is simple ,direct and honest .   The genius of the author is visible at each and every situation.  He has toiled burning the midnight oil, which fact has reflected in bringing this superb and worth reading novel. It has got all the ingredients of a crime thriller like kidnapping , murder, chasing , suspense ,adventures and sufferings .The unfurling of a secret buried in the ground some 300 years back is handled nicely. The story revolves around characters mostly professionals in their respective field and also events which are adventurous coated with tension and anxiety and also joyfulness.

The plot

The story is woven on three angles.

In the Prologue I and II  we see the happenings involving Job Charnock a senior officer of The East Indian Company who has buried a treasure . He has made a riddle consisting of a combination of puzzles , the solution will give the clues for getting the treasure.

The first one revolves around Eric Roy , the protagonist Forty year old who had quit his high profile government job and embarked on his career in academic as a history lecturer In Presidency college Kolkatta . He, along with his cousin Aurin 17 years younger to him doing his doctoral research in History from Oxford university was tracing the journey of Jenny sister of Aurin friend Sarah . Jenny is a British researcher.She happened to find out the solutions for the riddle which fact is known by a rival group.  Indeed Jenny was kidnapped . Eircroy , Aurin and Sarah were following the kidnappers to rescue Jenny. So many incidents took place during the journey.  . They are facing the life and death situations frequently and in this do or die battle they are struggling and succeeding.Most of the novel speaks about their efforts and sufferings in finding out Jenny.

In next angle we have got Father Gerbrand Smit is a Dutchman, originally he was a history teacher in St Xavier's college, Kolkata. Presently he is holding a honorary post in the Chuchura Armenian church of St John the Baptist He stumbles upon the riddle and he makes his own efforts to find out the secret in his own way. He is a one man army and he travels many places to get the clues solved by working hard to find out the treasure hidden by Job Charnock. . His role is utilized for finding the truth which fact the author has taken intelligently to move the novel smoothly .

In final angle the events associated with the perpetrators are depicted in a  clear pattern . Especially the kidnapping aspect is dealt in a straight and elaborate way . Different kinds of the same are explained to be understood by a layman. Gruesome methods adopted are explained . Modus operaendi to kidnap is given. The heinous crime executed by them is gruesome and their inhuman activities create panic in the reader.

A secret group formed for the sake of some "faith " has also played a vital role in moving the story.The members of such a group make their own plan and go in their way to find out the treasure.

My verdict

I like all the characters .Especially I admire Sid , assistant of Eric for his intelligence and reflex in finding out the truths relevant to the story. I also appreciate Jenny for having found the thesis to be pronounced as nothing less than "an Indiana Jones " blockbuster. Also the prose is depicted beautifully , and the reader is never taken for granted, but he is directed towards the unexpected events in a simple and straight manner.  One aspect the book seems outstanding is in its honest narration. Apart from being an engaging read the book satisfies the reader with several informations. I like the symbol which gives so many clues to the story and the reader is enlightened about their significance . The Map of Bengal serves the purpose of identifying the location and relate to the story simultaneously.  Since Christian religion is associated in the novel so many aspects belong to the same is discussed . For example the instrument 'Jacob's Staff' is explained in such a way to be understood by the ordinary reader . Similarly the story is moving around famous churches. 

 I cannot find any negative aspect of the book. But I feel there should be more pages at the climax to give clarifications and details to make the novel completely.Also, I find it odd that Eric and his associates are discussing about the quality of food restaurant , etc when they are actually searching for Jenny . How it is possible when your friend is in trouble and your aim is to save her?

Important quotes in the book

Life is beautiful with capital F This sentence is repeated in the novel and I could not catch the point or meaning . This capital F the author wants to convey about the Food everyone is in need of, I presume.

Regardless of the situation , don't let your enemy win.... and have regrets .... for it will be a god's  day.

You can start new things at any point of your life ,it's never too late .

We can either let circumstances rule us and make our lives miserable , or we can take charge and create our own rules for making our lives better.

 Time is life , time is death, -time is key. Time is faith.

The cover design is superb and wonderful .

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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