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Review of the Super HeroSoul.


No of pages    :    127 

Published on   :    2015

Publisher :   Bloomsbury publishing india pvt ltd

Genere    :  Non-Fiction

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My review

"The  Super hero soul" is the most wonderful and fantastic book  as it can be pronounced as   a gem of profundity carrying the life-transforming techniques and down-to-earth guidelines for the awareness of our true greatness  and enjoy the  life to the maximum. I am in the seventh heaven when I have got the book through Goodreads Giveaway,as I am   fond of self -improvement and motivation books. Pearls of wisdom embellish  the book which has to be kept   by all  as a precious fortune  and a life- time companion .I have read it five times and I am very much overwhelmed by the motivational quotes  and the inspiring anecdotes.

Each and every word, it holds, is coined by the  author with meticulous care  and genuineness to drive the message of virtues and ethical values.The  craftsmanship of  the author  reflects in the chiseling of his ideas to present a  book of inspiration in a spectacular and attractive manner. The hard work by the author is to be appreciated and acknowledged.

There is many a book for keeping our body and mind hale and healthy.But this book talks about our soul.The uniqueness of the book is that it deals with our soul . The World Health Organization is  concerned, particularly about the health of all the three i.e body ,mind and soul.There should be synchronisation among body ,mind and soul and the author have carved the book to highlight the point of realizing and  reaching our greatness .

Can  we say life is in our hands? Life is short and it is a great blessing. We have to live every moment with happiness, peace of mind and success. This book attempts to bring forth the enlightenment about the various opportunities and principles for the same. 

The author has added the great sayings of the scholars belong to our ancestors era  and he has given  an explanation in simple language .We see, the wise  utterances  by philosophers like Plato  ,James Allen ,Epictetus,Rene Descartes, Marcus Tullius Ciecer,Hendry David Thoreau, Spiritual writers  like Orison Swett Marden Essyist like Ralph Waldo Emerson and leaders like Benjamin Franklin ,Newton Diehl Baker, Mahatma Gandhi A P J Abdul Kalam,

Quotes which have  impressed me the most :

Tell me and I forget . Teach me and I remember . Involve me, I learn. By  Benjamin Franklin

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.  By  Ralph Waldo Emerson

The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm. By Thomas John Watson.

You will rise by lifting others. By Robert G. Ingersoll

The following paragraph in the book on Sucess and Happiness has caught my attention  and moved me to  a great extent.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. I once asked someone what would make him happy? He replied : 'I will be happy when I get a high paying job'. When he got a high paying job , I asked him 'Now that you have got your high paying job, You must be really happy ,isn't it?' He replied ' No my friend , once I get a mansion for my family, then I will be happy'. After a year once , he was able to buy a mansion for himself and when I asked him if he was happy., he replied 'I will be happy when I get a limousine for  my family '. I am sure even after he gets his limousine , he won,t be happy.  

The author has discussed   reality principles through stories as mentioned above  and any 
 layman can catch what he wants to convey.  
There are 9 chapters  and each one starts with a beautiful picture and a caption like "Journey to the source ".

My verdict.

This book is a great motivator  for all , irrespective of age and in whatever position we may be. It induces  us to think and introspect our thoughts , words and actions .We can reconnect and rediscover ourselves after going through this book . There will be a sea change in the attitude . As such, it is a must read by elders to teach the youngsters and young people learn a lot about running their lives successfully , peacefully and happily.

There is no negative aspect as far as the content is concerned 

The cover design by S.D.Ali and Illustration by  are superb and very impressive.

Rating:   5/5

A disclaimer: I received the book from the author Shri . Dilip Bathija   and I thank him for the same.

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