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Review of Sixdegrees-Game of blogs



Paper back : pages 422

Publisher   : LEADSTART

Published on :2015

The "Sixdegrees" consists of three stories each written by ten different bloggers and it is a great achievement on the part of to compile these stories into one book. It is very interesting to read the stories as they have common five characters as follows;

1. Shekar the protagonist  is a freelance writer.

2. Tara wife of Shekar working in a big corporate company

3. Roohi 9 year old daughter of Shekar student

4. Jennifer a journalist

5. Cyrus  a law student

The greatness of the authors is displayed in the portrayal of incidents going around these people.They have different perception level and their wavelength need not be the same. The flow of the story is very much normal and coherence is maintained at all the chapters.  Apart from the above characters one more person is projected prominently and thereby the "Sixdegrees" name represents   six different personalities .


"The awakening " deals  with the dangerous position our Mother Earth has encountered due to our greediness  and negligence. There are wars between planets. There is the introduction of aliens . The story starts since  missing of all the materials prepared by Shekar. It reveals some facts which lead to twisting  and turning points in the life of the above characters. Finally, Mother Earth is in danger and everyone is trying to safeguard the same. In between Kundali is discussed. UFO  is analyzed.  Galladium is talked about. Challenges ,adventures and sufferings are depicted very well .

"Entangled lives" speaks about the murder of a servant maid at Shekar's house. The Java super cop meets everyone he suspects whoever are  present in the crime scene and probe the possibility of finding the murderer. In this drama the incidents are woven in such a manner to make the reader anxious . Till the culprits found out it is lot of guessing and inducing tension. It is  handled  well and the readers can not take  for granted at any moment.Suspense is maintained till the  end . The climax is unexpected.

"Missing a journey within" is a very good story and it involves kidnapping as the main topic. The social media Facebook is utilised in a nice manner to find out the victim. This is discussed in a nice manner. Also, it has touched Homosexuality. It gives so much information to the readers.  It is very interesting to read the story.

The important quotes are as follows.

A man should never leave his work for the worldly charms that might deviate him from his righteous path.

It is often said that you don't really realize the value of a person in your life until you have really lost them.

A jealousy woman's mind is devil's workshop.

The negative point of the book is that it has errors and mistakes.They are  grammatical  and typographical . There are some spelling mistakes .For example, the word "IS" is misspelt as "ISS" Otherwise the book has come  out very nice.          

In between the narration of events there are some poems giving the thoughts of the main character which  are lovely and fantastic. Sometimes the dearth of ideas for developing the story is reflected . For example one whole chapter is devoted to a dream .

On the whole the Blogadda team has done a wonderful job in bringing out the book in a grand  manner .

My rating for this nice book is 3.5 out of 5

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    6 Degrees is India's first book published through collaborative blogging, written completely by bloggers for the Game of Blogs activity at BlogAdda. Know more about Game of Blogs here. You can buy 6 Degrees: Game of Blogs

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