Thursday, 2 June 2016

The changing face of an Indian father

In this kaliyuga, as the word in the name “kALI” means machine, we are having many a machine for doing one or other job and our dependence on them has grown manifold. In those days a servant maid was engaged to take care of multiple tasks like washing the clothes , cleaning the vessels . cooking . taking the kids to school and bringing them back to home , watering the plants etc. Apart from  this  she used  to share one or  other gossip which amounted to  an entertainment. Now the engaging  servant maid has become minimum  as there are  many machines   utilized   to do the household chores. Domestic chores may not be interesting and nobody would do it with enthusiasm as it attracts criticism from elders.

 In this era of Internet and computer, life has become so fast and demanding children of  the present generation  are very much ignorant of usage of so many manual tools which assisted the ladies in the house some twenty years back and they helped them to be physically active  . Their good  health was very much maintained. Now in the present time the manual work  is very much reduced and it has given way to operate the new machines with application of our mind and using our intelligence by switching on  ,off and making some  adjustments using the buttons provided in the machine.

The role of father can be compared to an adept juggler in the circus , as it is a tough job to manage multiple tasks at one go from taking care of the finance  to inculcating in the kids the good characteristic qualities like punctuality , integrity, truthfulness, respect for elders,  etc. Apart from being model for others in the family a father is not only leading others    as  the head of the family but also manage so many aspects revolving around  the running the day-to-day show for the satisfaction of all. Today the kids are easily taking to learning  the operation of gadget and become tech savvy. But when it comes to helping the family members they are reluctant  to study new things and thereby they do not help the parents .

 Here the father plays a vital role in shaping the  children to be good citizens not only teaching them values but also guiding them to master the house hold chores so that the burden is shared by all to mitigate the sufferings of others. It is only a team work .Now  father has got more and more responsibility as the family system has changed drastically due to the vanishing of joint family system to nucleus family consisting of four members which include two kids only.  The kids today miss their grandparents and the onus of enlightening them on family matters   vests with the father.

Today a girl is a daughter to her parents , tomorrow she will be a mother and in the future she will be a grandmother. This life circle is common to every one .There is a good saying that when the child is born it begins  to die. In between life and death one has to run his /her life according to some basic natural laws and principles . They have to  become good citizens because todays children are going to  be the makers of tomorrows world.

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