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Review of the Super HeroSoul.


No of pages    :    127 

Published on   :    2015

Publisher :   Bloomsbury publishing india pvt ltd

Genere    :  Non-Fiction

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My review

"The  Super hero soul" is the most wonderful and fantastic book  as it can be pronounced as   a gem of profundity carrying the life-transforming techniques and down-to-earth guidelines for the awareness of our true greatness  and enjoy the  life to the maximum. I am in the seventh heaven when I have got the book through Goodreads Giveaway,as I am   fond of self -improvement and motivation books. Pearls of wisdom embellish  the book which has to be kept   by all  as a precious fortune  and a life- time companion .I have read it five times and I am very much overwhelmed by the motivational quotes  and the inspiring anecdotes.

Each and every word, it holds, is coined by the  author with meticulous care  and genuineness to drive the message of virtues and ethical values.The  craftsmanship of  the author  reflects in the chiseling of his ideas to present a  book of inspiration in a spectacular and attractive manner. The hard work by the author is to be appreciated and acknowledged.

There is many a book for keeping our body and mind hale and healthy.But this book talks about our soul.The uniqueness of the book is that it deals with our soul . The World Health Organization is  concerned, particularly about the health of all the three i.e body ,mind and soul.There should be synchronisation among body ,mind and soul and the author have carved the book to highlight the point of realizing and  reaching our greatness .

Can  we say life is in our hands? Life is short and it is a great blessing. We have to live every moment with happiness, peace of mind and success. This book attempts to bring forth the enlightenment about the various opportunities and principles for the same. 

The author has added the great sayings of the scholars belong to our ancestors era  and he has given  an explanation in simple language .We see, the wise  utterances  by philosophers like Plato  ,James Allen ,Epictetus,Rene Descartes, Marcus Tullius Ciecer,Hendry David Thoreau, Spiritual writers  like Orison Swett Marden Essyist like Ralph Waldo Emerson and leaders like Benjamin Franklin ,Newton Diehl Baker, Mahatma Gandhi A P J Abdul Kalam,

Quotes which have  impressed me the most :

Tell me and I forget . Teach me and I remember . Involve me, I learn. By  Benjamin Franklin

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.  By  Ralph Waldo Emerson

The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm. By Thomas John Watson.

You will rise by lifting others. By Robert G. Ingersoll

The following paragraph in the book on Sucess and Happiness has caught my attention  and moved me to  a great extent.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. I once asked someone what would make him happy? He replied : 'I will be happy when I get a high paying job'. When he got a high paying job , I asked him 'Now that you have got your high paying job, You must be really happy ,isn't it?' He replied ' No my friend , once I get a mansion for my family, then I will be happy'. After a year once , he was able to buy a mansion for himself and when I asked him if he was happy., he replied 'I will be happy when I get a limousine for  my family '. I am sure even after he gets his limousine , he won,t be happy.  

The author has discussed   reality principles through stories as mentioned above  and any 
 layman can catch what he wants to convey.  
There are 9 chapters  and each one starts with a beautiful picture and a caption like "Journey to the source ".

My verdict.

This book is a great motivator  for all , irrespective of age and in whatever position we may be. It induces  us to think and introspect our thoughts , words and actions .We can reconnect and rediscover ourselves after going through this book . There will be a sea change in the attitude . As such, it is a must read by elders to teach the youngsters and young people learn a lot about running their lives successfully , peacefully and happily.

There is no negative aspect as far as the content is concerned 

The cover design by S.D.Ali and Illustration by  are superb and very impressive.

Rating:   5/5

A disclaimer: I received the book from the author Shri . Dilip Bathija   and I thank him for the same.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Review of Sixdegrees-Game of blogs



Paper back : pages 422

Publisher   : LEADSTART

Published on :2015

The "Sixdegrees" consists of three stories each written by ten different bloggers and it is a great achievement on the part of to compile these stories into one book. It is very interesting to read the stories as they have common five characters as follows;

1. Shekar the protagonist  is a freelance writer.

2. Tara wife of Shekar working in a big corporate company

3. Roohi 9 year old daughter of Shekar student

4. Jennifer a journalist

5. Cyrus  a law student

The greatness of the authors is displayed in the portrayal of incidents going around these people.They have different perception level and their wavelength need not be the same. The flow of the story is very much normal and coherence is maintained at all the chapters.  Apart from the above characters one more person is projected prominently and thereby the "Sixdegrees" name represents   six different personalities .


"The awakening " deals  with the dangerous position our Mother Earth has encountered due to our greediness  and negligence. There are wars between planets. There is the introduction of aliens . The story starts since  missing of all the materials prepared by Shekar. It reveals some facts which lead to twisting  and turning points in the life of the above characters. Finally, Mother Earth is in danger and everyone is trying to safeguard the same. In between Kundali is discussed. UFO  is analyzed.  Galladium is talked about. Challenges ,adventures and sufferings are depicted very well .

"Entangled lives" speaks about the murder of a servant maid at Shekar's house. The Java super cop meets everyone he suspects whoever are  present in the crime scene and probe the possibility of finding the murderer. In this drama the incidents are woven in such a manner to make the reader anxious . Till the culprits found out it is lot of guessing and inducing tension. It is  handled  well and the readers can not take  for granted at any moment.Suspense is maintained till the  end . The climax is unexpected.

"Missing a journey within" is a very good story and it involves kidnapping as the main topic. The social media Facebook is utilised in a nice manner to find out the victim. This is discussed in a nice manner. Also, it has touched Homosexuality. It gives so much information to the readers.  It is very interesting to read the story.

The important quotes are as follows.

A man should never leave his work for the worldly charms that might deviate him from his righteous path.

It is often said that you don't really realize the value of a person in your life until you have really lost them.

A jealousy woman's mind is devil's workshop.

The negative point of the book is that it has errors and mistakes.They are  grammatical  and typographical . There are some spelling mistakes .For example, the word "IS" is misspelt as "ISS" Otherwise the book has come  out very nice.          

In between the narration of events there are some poems giving the thoughts of the main character which  are lovely and fantastic. Sometimes the dearth of ideas for developing the story is reflected . For example one whole chapter is devoted to a dream .

On the whole the Blogadda team has done a wonderful job in bringing out the book in a grand  manner .

My rating for this nice book is 3.5 out of 5

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    6 Degrees is India's first book published through collaborative blogging, written completely by bloggers for the Game of Blogs activity at BlogAdda. Know more about Game of Blogs here. You can buy 6 Degrees: Game of Blogs

Saturday, 4 June 2016

We vow to become Eco-warriors on World Environment day


The present  burning and  critical  topic is the growing danger  of ecological imbalances  leading to global warming . The topmost leaders of several nations   are giving a clarion call in unison to mobilize  action for the Herculean  
 task of  solving them as they are playing a pivotal role in bringing  poignant sufferings of hundreds and thousands of people .

The environmentalists are making a hue and cry on the   ecological disasters  . It has happened at the time of heavy deluge  in Chennai we could manage due to selfless service of NGO s and the general public.

Our posterity is to be  assured a safe , clean and green  environment . Our forefathers toiled hard enough to safeguard and strengthen environmental equilibrium with the help of limited resources and inadequate infrastructure and now we have to pass on the same to our offspring ,the  only the difference being we are equipped with the highest potential technology.  Apart from natural calamities  we come across so many environmental  adverse situations and health hazards due to  air pollution  etc  causing many chronic diseases . 

We  also face threat from wild animals like elephant and lion  living in the forest.To cite a simple example we can quote the incidents where we see the animals in search of water and food enter into villages and  cities and giving  so much trouble to the people . This may result in casualties and    damage to  the growing crops .We should make space for the animals providing them a habitable environment. 

At this crucial juncture we as individuals as well a society  can make  miracles   if we put in a little more  effort and contribute  in our own way according to our capacity and capability to tackle environmental issues coming with novel plans and programes to propagate the ecological slogans.

Little drops make an  ocean. By our smallest  actions and  ,sacrifices we can make a big change. For this we have to be innovative and thoughtful enough to create new ideas and schemes   voraciously to highlight the ecological obstacles  on a war footing level and create awareness about the intensity of the worst condition.

As  commoners we should become environmental problems with not  haphazard but creative and constructive plans.   We can follow  a simple thriftiness when we use water.We   should not use the tap water directly  to wash our  hands but we have to take  water from  a plastic cup  to do the task. This trivial  gesture will have its own impact and if everyone follows the same that would lead to  avoid water scarcity .

Instead  of using cars and motorcycles one can take a cycle to reach his place . In China, cycle is the most desired and used mode of conveyance.  It is not only s symbol of simplicity and energy but also is good exercise.It will reduce the air pollution  , also it is economical and time -saving due to a reduction in traffic jams. Similarly there are an umpteenth number of   plans  that can be prepared and executed  so that the ecological  imbalances are reduced  in the true spirit and pukka manner. 

Eco-friendly products are to be welcomed and encouraged."Log kya kahenge" question should not be a barrier to our efforts in respect of our struggle against  ecological disturbances.

At the broad social level more and more Eco-campaigns should be arranged to create an awareness among the public who may be oblivious of the ecological disturbances  so that they should realize the significance of safeguarding the environment to the betterment of our living conditions. The fallen    trees are  equal to our veins . To  lose our disguised blessings of enjoying pure oxygen and shadow  and  hundreds of other benefits which they grant us with unconditional love and affection is very much foolish  and futile. 

When the planting of saplings is discussed the yeoman service performed by big corporate firms should  be appreciated. For example the textile concern namely  Pothys in Chennai is giving everybody whoever is visiting their 

showroom  a sapling with the instruction to grow up the same in their house. Similarly other firms can also follow suit to come up with novel  and  fruitful schemes to encourage the people to do the possible things for the sake of our environment.

The makers of films  and TV soaps can drive forcefully and effectively  the message of environmental  issues along with their other themes and shoulder the social responsibility.Also big Realtors when they promote big apartments  they should come with plausible and palpable plans to plant sufficient number of trees in the surroundings and also Eco-parks should be established and maintained. Several acres of cultivating lands are converted into plots for constructing houses which should be  streamlined.

Catch them young. Our children should be taught about the ecological issues and they should study the same . For this in their curriculum the environmental  science  should be added . In the schools and colleges Eco-clubs should be formed so that the students will become more and more responsible and reasonable citizens to imbibe the quality of sense of belonging to the society. 

The examples are for illustrative purpose only and Eco-consciousness should be awakened in a grand manner so that everyone gives his/her best to enrich  the ecological balances as we live in   extraordinary period meeting emergency situations due to natural catastrophic Tsunami, earthquake, depression etc.
Frequent Eco- camps are to be arranged to create awareness.  Children's  competition may be arranged  to enlighten  them about the environment problems and their answers. 

Last but not the least Mother Earth is  to be adored   and  glorified not  sacrilegiously but respectfully like a sanctuary at all cost , in turn we can expect from Her abundant supply of  comforts and luxuries  and also we have to face  Her fury and suffer in the event of  our negligence.Choice is ours.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

The changing face of an Indian father

In this kaliyuga, as the word in the name “kALI” means machine, we are having many a machine for doing one or other job and our dependence on them has grown manifold. In those days a servant maid was engaged to take care of multiple tasks like washing the clothes , cleaning the vessels . cooking . taking the kids to school and bringing them back to home , watering the plants etc. Apart from  this  she used  to share one or  other gossip which amounted to  an entertainment. Now the engaging  servant maid has become minimum  as there are  many machines   utilized   to do the household chores. Domestic chores may not be interesting and nobody would do it with enthusiasm as it attracts criticism from elders.

 In this era of Internet and computer, life has become so fast and demanding children of  the present generation  are very much ignorant of usage of so many manual tools which assisted the ladies in the house some twenty years back and they helped them to be physically active  . Their good  health was very much maintained. Now in the present time the manual work  is very much reduced and it has given way to operate the new machines with application of our mind and using our intelligence by switching on  ,off and making some  adjustments using the buttons provided in the machine.

The role of father can be compared to an adept juggler in the circus , as it is a tough job to manage multiple tasks at one go from taking care of the finance  to inculcating in the kids the good characteristic qualities like punctuality , integrity, truthfulness, respect for elders,  etc. Apart from being model for others in the family a father is not only leading others    as  the head of the family but also manage so many aspects revolving around  the running the day-to-day show for the satisfaction of all. Today the kids are easily taking to learning  the operation of gadget and become tech savvy. But when it comes to helping the family members they are reluctant  to study new things and thereby they do not help the parents .

 Here the father plays a vital role in shaping the  children to be good citizens not only teaching them values but also guiding them to master the house hold chores so that the burden is shared by all to mitigate the sufferings of others. It is only a team work .Now  father has got more and more responsibility as the family system has changed drastically due to the vanishing of joint family system to nucleus family consisting of four members which include two kids only.  The kids today miss their grandparents and the onus of enlightening them on family matters   vests with the father.

Today a girl is a daughter to her parents , tomorrow she will be a mother and in the future she will be a grandmother. This life circle is common to every one .There is a good saying that when the child is born it begins  to die. In between life and death one has to run his /her life according to some basic natural laws and principles . They have to  become good citizens because todays children are going to  be the makers of tomorrows world.

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