Saturday, 7 May 2016


MOTHER  is the sweetest and noblest  member of all the creatures of God as

Her genuine  and   unconditional  love   is as pure as the ice cube in the fridge.

She is the most desired and respected pillar  of the family system who is
Always making the relationships beautiful  by acting as  an everlasting bridge
Innumerable sacrifices she makes for the sake of her children and others
Unbearable  pains and agony    she endures with a smile but without any grudge.

Even in her sleep she dreams about her kith and kin planning their wellbeing
she sheds  tears over disappointments  and for success always she takes a pledge

Her every  breath will  sing and talk  about the positive aspects of her children
With the result that their good health and  happiness are always assured.

With all her blood and flesh she  toils hard for her people in the sincere
 And honest manner as such  she should  be worshiped and honoured.

Her alertness and thoughtfulness always give a spontaneous  support and help
And all her plans are appreciated  and  always welcomed by all concerned.

Due to her eagerness to  satisfy the basic needs of her kids she may sometimes
 Embrace  inevitable lies and but the real truth about her affection is established

She is the symbol of holiness in the whole universe as her dedicated and complete
Devotion to her role is always  perfect and sincere   enough to be adorable.

Her strategies and skills she learn in  course of time  will always help her to
Shoulder her responsibility and duty with apparent  ease  only to be admirable.

Patience and prudence are her most cherished blessings which help her to
 Tackle the unexpected storms and find   the solace  very much  amicable.

Her  goals will be revolving around the proper   upbringing of children so that
A good society is created to live in which is actually adoptable

Courage and confidence are her greatest virtues and she meets the trying circumstances
With boldness  and wisdom to avoid any unpleasant situations  quickly.

She is trustful enough to be  guided  as her   her knowledge and experience
Will be total and amazing  due to the attachment and 
fondness  she nourishes beautifully.

Her readiness to forgive and forget gives all  the peace of mind and   harmony
Not Harbouring any resentment forever  ,  her  kindness flourishes  naturally.

Her diligence and common sense  support and guard  us in a great way  especially
At the time of trials and tribulations  she  runs the show calmly and peacefully

Her greatness is to be acknowledged and understood as her wisdom will always
Take us to unreachable heights without  hurdles and hassles hopefully

As nobody is perfect mothers do mistakes in raising the children and they are
Not to be alone blamed but condoned as we live  in  a  complex world.

Her quick understanding nature and matured mind will  work for the betterment
Of the society and hence she is  to be protected  as the precious diamond and   gold.

All the women are possessing  virtues like compassion, empathy  affection and tolerance
  They are  very good social workers like Mother Theresa as per the will of the Lord

The principle of safeguarding  mothers should be our primary concern and their ambitions
Are to be given due respect and  on this maxim  everyone should keep a firm  hold.

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