Thursday, 3 March 2016

Happy moments

                                                                      It was our wedding anniversary. We planned to visit a church. We chose a church situated at Saint Thomas Mount in Chennai. We left for the church along with our daughter . I received a call from Tanishq, a Tata firm selling Jewelries. Since we purchased jewelry items a long back and during that time we have given our wedding day information. From the shop the staff spoke to me stating that they arranged a small party to celebrate the occasion. We got moved by their gesture and we agreed to attend the same. In the church we got great time because it was our first time. The ambiance was good and we got a nice view of Chennai city. There was a prayer service going on there at that time and we were gifted to attend the same. Food was served and even though it was simple we enjoyed it we took the same along with many people. We went there by car and in the evening we went to Tanishq shop where the staff members arranged a small party. Everyone present there attended it . A nice cake was ordered and it was so sweet of the company.

Child cries for toy. Man dies for recognition .The way they conducted the function on a small scale honoring us at the most happy moment of our life moved me very much as I am attending such a get together first time in my life. It was indeed great on the part of the firm to take pain to make the event a grand success by giving weightage to details. Usually such companies would arrange for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity by arranging social activities like helping the poor, etc. When time is money, it is great on the part of company to have a party for the sake of the customers. The participation of all the staff members in the event only showed their enthusiasm to conduct such event again. This would linger in our mind for a longer period and we would remember it frequently.    In this day of fast moving life where one has to struggle to make the balance in his/her personal life and social life this type of get together would serve as stress buster. The arrangement was very much appreciated as it was done in a nice manner with the smallest details  given due weightage .

Customer is king . Any single recognition in the form of such event will only boost the sale of the product and customer base will be increased with the number of loyal customers going up in a great scale.

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