Thursday, 3 March 2016

Happy moments

                                                                      It was our wedding anniversary. We planned to visit a church. We chose a church situated at Saint Thomas Mount in Chennai. We left for the church along with our daughter . I received a call from Tanishq, a Tata firm selling Jewelries. Since we purchased jewelry items a long back and during that time we have given our wedding day information. From the shop the staff spoke to me stating that they arranged a small party to celebrate the occasion. We got moved by their gesture and we agreed to attend the same. In the church we got great time because it was our first time. The ambiance was good and we got a nice view of Chennai city. There was a prayer service going on there at that time and we were gifted to attend the same. Food was served and even though it was simple we enjoyed it we took the same along with many people. We went there by car and in the evening we went to Tanishq shop where the staff members arranged a small party. Everyone present there attended it . A nice cake was ordered and it was so sweet of the company.

Child cries for toy. Man dies for recognition .The way they conducted the function on a small scale honoring us at the most happy moment of our life moved me very much as I am attending such a get together first time in my life. It was indeed great on the part of the firm to take pain to make the event a grand success by giving weightage to details. Usually such companies would arrange for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity by arranging social activities like helping the poor, etc. When time is money, it is great on the part of company to have a party for the sake of the customers. The participation of all the staff members in the event only showed their enthusiasm to conduct such event again. This would linger in our mind for a longer period and we would remember it frequently.    In this day of fast moving life where one has to struggle to make the balance in his/her personal life and social life this type of get together would serve as stress buster. The arrangement was very much appreciated as it was done in a nice manner with the smallest details  given due weightage .

Customer is king . Any single recognition in the form of such event will only boost the sale of the product and customer base will be increased with the number of loyal customers going up in a great scale.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Share the load #2

House is built using bricks whereas home is created by hearts.Family members should share all the matters related to their family and there should not be a communication gap . Also there should be perfect understanding to avoid any conflicts and quarrels which may affect the children witnessing them. Since our values are deteriorating due to the impact of media and others it is imperative to inculcate the good habits to our children. Our posterity should imbibe the moral and ethical lessons so that they lead a better life. For that we should share our experiences with the young generation and enlighten them about the significance of helping others specially our family members. and create a pleasant and calm atmosphere in our home.

Women always command respect by their wisdom and knowledge. My grandfather who was a man of Gandhian principles always helped my Grandma. He used to fetch water from the well during summer using the pulley attached to it. At least 50 buckets of water were necessary for the whole family. He washed his own clothes and dresses. My father also followed the same and he would take every opportunity to help my mother in household chores. A man born to a queen only treats his wife as princess.

Nowadays for every 60 men 40 women go to one or other job . It is a herculean work to manage both the office and home duties. Realizing this aspect men have started helping their wives . In the morning when both husband and wife start for their respective office you can see the tension . This will be handled easily with a perfect planning. There should be coordination and mutual understanding to avoid any conflicts. Both have greater responsibility to inculcate the values of discipline , integrity, etc in their children so that they imbibe those values and grow into respectable citizens.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. A good ambiance and a calm atmosphere in the house create a sense of happiness.   In our house on Sundays we would wash our clothes so that on Monday onwards we would be in a position to    put on fresh clothes for schools and offices. Since dress makes a man or woman look nicely it is always better to wear washed and ironed dress only. Since every family goes for washing machine and the concept of engaging servant maid has gone all should learn the way it is to be operated.

Do not wash your linen in public.

Suppose if the above task is undertaken by ladies only. If they fall sick what will happen to all the dirty clothes? They would be accumulated in the bin. Instead of waiting for ladies to recover if men they take care of washing them with the help of the washing machine not only ladies would have a great sigh of relief but also they would feel happy .This point should be stressed by the head of the family usually a man so that their children , both boys and girls  would follow suit . Elders should teach the youngsters about the sharing the household chores to mitigate the burdens faced by the ladies.
Catch them young to teach good values.

Nowadays physical labor is looked down by the present generation . They do not understand the necessity of doing some manual work as it amounts to perform exercises for our body. It is always fun and pleasant thing to do the household chores as this would lead to more and more happiness and peacefulness in our homes. Ladies who always take care of these things would harbor grouses and grievances with the result they may lead to sickness in the long run. Hence it is always advisable to share the work and enjoy the social life fully. 

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Share the load #1

When we share our happiness with others it is doubled and when we share our sorrow it would be halved. It should be aimed at making harmony and equilibrium in our social life. Especially it works out perfect in the domestic scenario because where there is peacefulness there is progress and happiness.

It is said that there is always a woman behind a man’s success. It holds well in the case of ladies also, as we see many men stand behind the very successful women despite several odds and limitations. Since more and more ladies are shouldering the responsibility of family problems and smooth running of day to day activities. I have seen the head of the family usually a male member would help his better half when she is cooking food for the family. In domestic chores men have realized the necessity for helping the ladies to mitigate their hardships.

As charity begins at home men should help women by doing small tasks like cutting onion, other vegetables, making tea or coffee and cleaning the vessels . I saw my friend who made tea for me when I paid a visit to his house as his wife was bedridden due to back ache. Like this we can come across men who are helping their wives in all the possible manner. Now the situation is such that to make both end meet ladies are also working and hence they get equal respect. Now the idea that ‘ the breadwinner is always the husband ‘has gone and most of the Indian families have both husband and wife working for the family and in some families women give more contribution by virtue of their talent and education. Most of the household chores are undertaken by machines it is better to learn how to operate them. If men take active participating in performing these tasks there won’t be so much burden to women and they would also get time for relaxation and rest.

Prevention is better than cure .When it comes to domestic chores it ranges from cleaning the floor to making food for guests. Not only ladies but also men are also expert in cooking and some are excellent in their culinary skill . In purana we hear about Nalan who is said to be a great cook. It is also advisable to be aware of what is happening in our house and when there is any emergency one needs not to be panic and look for help from others. Take in the case of wife falling ill if husband does not know how to use the washing machine think about the dirty clothes accumulating in the dustbin and give unnecessary tension. This is only a simple example and the list is endless . If at all men are ready to share the work usually ladies would undertake for the sake of family there would be peacefulness and a sense of happiness. Similarly ladies also should understand the income and expenditure and see the ways and means to run the family economically and without any debt. Here the role of ladies is very crucial and significant because they are greedy there is all the possibility of ruin of the family in the long run. 

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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