Friday, 8 January 2016

My tales of 2015 and plans for 2016

“Time and tide waits for none” so goes the famous saying on Time. For some, time flies and for some spending time is a hard thing. For example when a person waits for an interview time seems to move at snail’s pace. At the same time the same person is spending his time with a loved one, their time moves very fast. Anyhow it was only yesterday we welcomed the year 2015 and now we have to greet the New Year i.e. 2016. New Year means new beginning, new calendar, new goals and new resolutions. Based on the experience we gained during the last year we have to plan our present life so as to make a good future. That should be our aim.

In the last year I met with so many problems ranging from losing money by way of penalty due to nonpayment of dues like Life insurance premium to strained relationship because of not attending important family functions owing to lack of proper planning. This has brought me a very good idea to create a tool box which would be always helpful to avoid such things in future. Such a tool box will be utilized for managing ourselves in an organized way. The following five points would be thought of when preparing such a tool box.

A stitch in time

Anticipating inevitable trouble and difficult situations it is always better to plan ahead. A periodical basis job is to be performed. For that a To Do List may be prepared in such a way it reminds one to finish the work on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual basis. A chart should be made for this task and pasted on your table.


In this internet era we may get answers for anything and everything. But still because of preoccupation with our routine life and distraction due to various activities we undertake because of our various roles we may find it difficult to recollect some vital information resulting in failures. To avoid it, in a note book some important hints may be notified in such a way to refer the same as and when required. The important phone numbers and address of people we interact frequently may be recorded for future reference.

History repeats itself.

A dairy may be maintained for important incidents .Whatever mistakes we have made, whatever obstacles we have come across, whatever good things we have felt are written in this book to meet the challenges we may meet in future when we happen to encounter same situations. This should be written in simple language and numbered.  

Due date diary.

A due date diary may be maintained for payment of our obligations like insurance, credit card payment etc. This would help us a lot to avoid penalty, mental agony, and physical strain.  The dairy is to be prepared in such a way it includes the due dates, then we have fixed our goals.

Life is what you make of it

Since success or failure in our life depends on our action or non- action we have to be very much prepared. We should place our each and every step very carefully. We should take stock now and then.  For this we have to gather all our personal records and arrange them in chronological order. They should be kept under lock and key. The family members should be enlightened about this.

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