Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Impact of Tourism-Tour is for rest and recuperation

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Everyone needs not only rest but also relaxation so that he can recoup himself. The monotonous work pattern will frustrate the person’s mind and his/her productivity will be very much reduced .Taking into account the above fact some companies are allowing their employees to go on tour and the expenses are borne by them. It would be once in two years and the employees can go anywhere in India.

When one leaves for a tour he should not forget the following points so that his journey would be pleasant and also this would be in his memory for a long time.

Safety and smooth journey

When a person starts for a journey, first and foremost planning should be there to avoid any unpleasant situations arising out of such negligence. For example if he is going along with his family he should see that proper ticket is booked in advance if they travel by train or by air to avoid last minute confusion. Now the Indian Railways has made elaborate arrangement for advance booking through online as well as offline. Nowadays if you travel by train you can order food over online. Even if tour is arranged through private agencies they are taking all the efforts to make the journey very memorable and hassle-free. In this aspect one should be aware of touts and no one should be taken over by their words . They should become a prey to their empty words and  be fooled.

Respect the sentiments of the local people

Whenever one goes on tour he should adhere to the local rules and regulations .Suppose if he enters a pilgrimage center there would be some place holy place and only those who belong to the religion of the said center would be allowed to enter there . One should be sensitive to such issues and avoid arguments with the respective authorities .

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Wherever we go, we should see that we keep the place clean and tidy. When we go on tour by nature we would take parcel of food. When we sit together and eat we should not forget to clean the place after eating, removing the garbage and putting it in the dustbin kept there.


When we go on tour the one of most disadvantages position as far as we are concerned is that we are very much strangers and we  are passengers for a limited period which means after our visiting the place  we would leave the same as early as possible . This aspect some crooked people take advantage and try to cheat us. They would be self-imposed touts posing as guides leading us to part with our money . Their honey coated words would take us to believe them with the result that we would be taken for   a ride and lose our precious money.

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