Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Impact of smart phone

In those days if one has to contact his /her relative over phone he /she has to go to a Post Office and wait for many hours to get the connection. If anybody wants to make a trunk call he has to contact the telephone department  and book the call details. After some time he would be given the line to talk with his distant relative or friend.Such was the situation some twenty years back .

Now there is a sea change  in the mode of communication i.e telephone .One can have the world within his palm and using his cell phone he can contact anybody in the world within the shortest  period for several hours. there was cell phone with minimum applications and facilities. Now the smart phone has come into existence  with more and more applications and latest technology has made it possible to achieve many things with the help  of smart phone  . There are many things one can perform  with smart phone .To cite a few examples we can quote that one can learn new language , new techniques etc. With downloading of specific applications like Indian Railways one can come to know the train timings availability of seats status of PNR and many more things. Similarly there are applications for booking Taxi, arranging tour programme, etc. The mobile banking is one of the most useful  tool for everyone and without  touching the keyboard one can transfer money to others.Downloading of videos, images, ebooks, softwares is now possible with smart phone and anybody can check his mail using the same.Today, scanning is also possible with smart phone apart from taking photos.Japan has come with new technology where the smart phones are washable with given specifications.The major players in the smart business are Samsung, Nokia, Sony followed by Micromax, Lava, Spice, Oppo.

When there are many benefits by owning a smart phone there are some demerits also which are inevitable . Continuous use of the smart phone for sending message and surfing through social media like Facebook, etc would lead to nervous break down . The fingers are most affected and eyes feel the damage in the long run.   Anything used for long hours which leads to addiction may result in looking for treatment. Some smart phone are source for radiation which leads to skin problems and other diseases. 


Every scientific invention has got its own pros ad cons and we have to take advantages of positive aspects of such inventions. We have to learn the tactics of avoiding trouble and nuisance to ourselves and others when handling such things.  Smartphone also have got advantages and disadvantage sand we have to understand the good aspect and try to minimize problems arising out of such gadgets. The physical harm they can bring to us should be clearly analyzed and maximum effort should be put into avert any  harmful and venomous effects.

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