Thursday, 21 January 2016

Impact of passwords

Internet is offering many a human-centric services which include getting information through search engines like Google ,Yahoo and others ,creating and maintaining of websites for both non commercial and  commercial purpose , connecting people through social media  like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc, giving a platform for sending mail to near and dear ones through Mail services like Gmail, yahoo mail etc. 

 The impact would be understood only when there is a foul-play with the the same and incur monetary loss

In those days one has to wait for a long time to receive a post card from far off place with the result that he may lose the opportunity to attend the interview . But the scenario is different nowadays because the mail services offered by the INTERNET make the job of sending message and receiving it very simple, fast and cheap.

It is very easy to create an email account and once it is created, to send the mail is the easiest job in this world. Every email account has two components namely User Id and Password. When you try for a particular user ID you may  have to encounter some obstacles if the same is in the simplest form. Usually the user Id would be our name followed by any number or letters. For example if John  wants to have an Email account in his name it need not be JOHN alone but it should be followed by JOHN123 or JOHNPTR(PTR FOR PETER). This happens because there could be one and only account in the name of JOHN and every user id is unique and different from other user Ids.

As far as password is concerned we have to be very careful as this serves as a key to our Mail account. We should never share the same with anybody else unless or otherwise the situation warrants such a situation. The password should have the following minimum characteristics to serve the purpose the same is meant for.

1. It should be minimum six letters and to make it strong it should include numbers ie numerical   and special characters like @  %

2. It should not be easily guessable. To cite an example password should not be  name  or date of  birth or nick name  or place of birth

3. Password  should not be written anywhere, and it should be memorized. Especially children should not be aware of such thing as they may misuse it .

4 The Email service providers namely Google yahoo, etc give a helping hand in the event we forget our password. In beginning when we create a Email account we are supposed to give answer to some questions like What is your place of birth . If we remember the same we can easily change our password. 

5. Changing of pass word frequently, not using net centers for internet banking, not revealing the password when one encountered hoax calls are the most important points to be remembered at this juncture.

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