Friday, 22 January 2016


There is a hue and cry by the elders about the addiction  of internet by the present generation people especially youngsters, because the incessant flow of information hampers their  imagination and some   fall prey to the rubbish spitted by perverts and sociopaths, getting spoiled enough to indulge in immoral and unethical  activities. The habit of raising questions and searching for answers on their own or at least 
consulting others, referring books, or any other methods other than referring the internet is completely lost.  When every information is available at the click of our fingertips   where there is a necessity of questioning and analyzing. Our imagination and creativity are arrested and death knell is announced to these precious gifts of mankind, it is no exaggeration but a real fact.

The most significant calamity that has occurred due to the presence of internet is lack of utilizing our intelligence for seeking answers to our problems. There is a great saying that” USE IT OR LOSE IT “. It applies to our brain also. Where there is no imagination there is no inclination to learn, probe and progress. Curiosity is every child’s best quality which would be plucked off if the child is allowed to look for answers from the internet. Curiosity becomes a victim in the sense it leads a dangerous path to remove the natural growth of the children. The constant flow of information or the easy availability of information is only reason for lack of imagination in the younger generation. When one person looks for a solution for his problem and after doing a Google search if he finds out the same the immediate satisfaction would only lead to laziness and repeat the same whenever one is encountered such instances giving room for lethargy and dullness. The pleasure of adventure is dead.

We can not overlook the advantages of internet in this era of technology as the same gives the opportunity of learn more and more at the edge of our fingertips. The whole world is brought to our palm and it gives more and more control over character. It encourages great relationship if the social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp are used in a very much positive manner. We come across many a story where people are helping one another at the time of trouble and tribulations and thereby they take full advantage of such media with no cost and minimum effort.

To cite a simple example, we can say about employers who are recruiting staff for their firms would refer the profile created by the all in the social media platforms like Facebook Twitter etc. One more advantage of referring Facebook and others is that the profile , language used, images liked etc exhibited in them by the person  reflect his  character . Hence the more positive the profile, the more prospective the person becomes for selection.

Internet search engine assists to find the latest position, give the most appropriate answer for what we seek for, and perform the research work with the minimum strain and maximum justification. Even though it is compared to double edge sword or knife it is imperative to use it for good causes for the benefit of mankind and flourish. 

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