Thursday, 21 January 2016

Impact of flood in Chennai

Chennai is not only the capital of the Tamil Nadu state in India but also a big city to be called as a Cosmopolitan city. This city is giving shelter to lakhs and lakhs of people , both poor and rich and they all earn their livelihood working in both private and Government sector.


Water is one of the important and significant element among the five  most vital elements namely earth ,water, fire ,air and ether. They play a crucial role in the lives of the people living in this world by creating panic situations and painful experiences. When there is storm and heavy rain fall due to depression  in the sea  every city is affected badly in the sense,  the routine life of the people is very  affected.

Chennai was witnessing the heavy rainfall starting from October 28th and it is said that on a given day the rainfall is more than the quantity of rainfall received during the past three months.In these circumstances Chennai is most affected with the result that water logging is seen everywhere and water has entered into the house and thereby the people in the low lying  areas are to be shifted to relief camps. traffic is most affected ,electricity power is cut off for more than one week in many areas and people have confined themselves in their house itself .

Whoever's house is affected by flood water have gone to the upstairs and some people have to go to the open terrace at the top of the building say 12th or 13 th floor as the case may be.This is applicable only to the apartments.Those small huts and houses that are built in slum areas are completely shattered and the poor people are rescued by nearby people, NGO's, volunteers and some state and central government officials.


People say because of global warming these thing happen  and to avoid such occurrences people should concentrate in reducing air pollution by planting of more trees and eliminating toxic chemicals.
Due to the impact of incessent flow of water more and more damage has happened for life and belongings .
Because of the intermittent rain fall the walls of the house are most affected with leaving stains and black patches .Food has become a rarity and drinking water has become a rare commodity. Milk is not available and the cost of the mild sold out expensively. Sewage water has mixed with the drinking water and thereby making the ground water not potable. The misery of the people because of the floods is inexplicable and they are put into so much hardships and sufferings.


The one solace in this situation is the HUMANITY shown by volunteers and other kind hearted people who helped all those who are affected by floods , losing their home and every single thing they bought with their hard earned money .When so many IT companies have opened their offices in Chennai because of the infrastructure and other amenities, they should start their offices in other cities also so that more and more and people would not have experienced the wrath of flood in chennai.


The first and primary concern of the state government is to repair the roads which is in a bad condition so that traffic will be smooth and the corporation should take steps to remove rubble and garbages collected due to the floods in various areas in Chennai. During nights, mosquitoes is a great menace causing various diseases.Hence people should be immunized.People who used to live in huts should be gifted a house to live safely.

Also it is to be notified that many people have lost their important documents like Adhaar card, Pan card ,ration card and voter card and also house documents like Patta and other important documents.Now it is in the hands of the government to decide what they must do to heal the people who have lost their hope.

The impact of Chennai floods speaks volume about he heavy loss met by all of us

After coming from my relatives house, when i entered the house, this is the state of the rooms.Now the whole house has to be painted.Although nothing is damaged in the house, my wife had to throw the vegetables and fruits purchased before two weeks, and had to empty the fridge to clean it.Flood entered the house through bathroom holes and not from the roads in our area.The happy part is that the servant maid's daughter gave birth to a baby girl a month ago.By God's grace, they are living comfortably in another city.

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