Sunday, 24 January 2016


In this age of technology several things have taken a new shape resulting in making our life simple and adventurous. One such a phenomena is our cell phone which has created a new and novel culture. The cell phone has taken a new avatar in our society which is occupying the most of our precious time and energy.

 In the olden days you have to wait a long period to get a phone connection.
The long distant call is arranged by the Government department and one has to be fortunate enough to get the line to talk with his relative living in the other city. Need not tell about overseas call.

Now the scenario is entirely different where we see a small lady vendor selling vegetables in the street has got her own cell phone. She is contacting the market people for fixing the price accordingly. This applies to people belonging to all sectors and they use the cell phone according to their requirement and knowledge.

The first problem that arises due to constant use of cell phone is that your ear drum will be damaged. The heat radiates from the cell phone will spoil your health. Texting messages in the cell phone will, in the long run damages your fingers. The list is endless.

Once I misplaced my cell phone when  I was travelling in a bus. I felt as though I lost one part of my body. I worried about the numbers I have stored  in the phone . I bothered  about the messages I would get  through the phone . later I tried my  number from my office  I got the reply from a stranger that He took  my phone when he noticed it falling in the bus from by pant pocket.. He gave his address and asked tome  collect the same in person.  . I went to  his place and got back my phone. This is a rare occurrence but” once lost means ever lost” is the usual happening. There are so many thefts of cell phones .

In this fast-paced life where you are struggling to balance your personal life and social life with the utmost difficulty and constraints it is imperative to hold a cell phone and take care of ourselves in a comfortable and smooth manner.

Since cell phone is used for sending message , calling our friends and conveying  an information , checking our mails if  the cell phone internet enabled and for undertaking other tasks we should not overlook  we have got to maintain good behavior towards our fellow citizen.

Impact of cell phone gives new responsibility for us to behave ourselves and assure cordial relationship. For this we have to learn a new set of rules like getting permission to talk over phone when we are engaged in chitchat with our friends and elders, switching off when we are attending our official meeting or in a meeting with higher ups, etc. This we have to develop for creating healthy environment and emphasizing human values which are deteriorating day by day and they are very much significant for the welfare of the society.

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