Sunday, 24 January 2016


In this age of technology several things have taken a new shape resulting in making our life simple and adventurous. One such a phenomena is our cell phone which has created a new and novel culture. The cell phone has taken a new avatar in our society which is occupying the most of our precious time and energy.

 In the olden days you have to wait a long period to get a phone connection.
The long distant call is arranged by the Government department and one has to be fortunate enough to get the line to talk with his relative living in the other city. Need not tell about overseas call.

Now the scenario is entirely different where we see a small lady vendor selling vegetables in the street has got her own cell phone. She is contacting the market people for fixing the price accordingly. This applies to people belonging to all sectors and they use the cell phone according to their requirement and knowledge.

The first problem that arises due to constant use of cell phone is that your ear drum will be damaged. The heat radiates from the cell phone will spoil your health. Texting messages in the cell phone will, in the long run damages your fingers. The list is endless.

Once I misplaced my cell phone when  I was travelling in a bus. I felt as though I lost one part of my body. I worried about the numbers I have stored  in the phone . I bothered  about the messages I would get  through the phone . later I tried my  number from my office  I got the reply from a stranger that He took  my phone when he noticed it falling in the bus from by pant pocket.. He gave his address and asked tome  collect the same in person.  . I went to  his place and got back my phone. This is a rare occurrence but” once lost means ever lost” is the usual happening. There are so many thefts of cell phones .

In this fast-paced life where you are struggling to balance your personal life and social life with the utmost difficulty and constraints it is imperative to hold a cell phone and take care of ourselves in a comfortable and smooth manner.

Since cell phone is used for sending message , calling our friends and conveying  an information , checking our mails if  the cell phone internet enabled and for undertaking other tasks we should not overlook  we have got to maintain good behavior towards our fellow citizen.

Impact of cell phone gives new responsibility for us to behave ourselves and assure cordial relationship. For this we have to learn a new set of rules like getting permission to talk over phone when we are engaged in chitchat with our friends and elders, switching off when we are attending our official meeting or in a meeting with higher ups, etc. This we have to develop for creating healthy environment and emphasizing human values which are deteriorating day by day and they are very much significant for the welfare of the society.

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Friday, 22 January 2016


There is a hue and cry by the elders about the addiction  of internet by the present generation people especially youngsters, because the incessant flow of information hampers their  imagination and some   fall prey to the rubbish spitted by perverts and sociopaths, getting spoiled enough to indulge in immoral and unethical  activities. The habit of raising questions and searching for answers on their own or at least 
consulting others, referring books, or any other methods other than referring the internet is completely lost.  When every information is available at the click of our fingertips   where there is a necessity of questioning and analyzing. Our imagination and creativity are arrested and death knell is announced to these precious gifts of mankind, it is no exaggeration but a real fact.

The most significant calamity that has occurred due to the presence of internet is lack of utilizing our intelligence for seeking answers to our problems. There is a great saying that” USE IT OR LOSE IT “. It applies to our brain also. Where there is no imagination there is no inclination to learn, probe and progress. Curiosity is every child’s best quality which would be plucked off if the child is allowed to look for answers from the internet. Curiosity becomes a victim in the sense it leads a dangerous path to remove the natural growth of the children. The constant flow of information or the easy availability of information is only reason for lack of imagination in the younger generation. When one person looks for a solution for his problem and after doing a Google search if he finds out the same the immediate satisfaction would only lead to laziness and repeat the same whenever one is encountered such instances giving room for lethargy and dullness. The pleasure of adventure is dead.

We can not overlook the advantages of internet in this era of technology as the same gives the opportunity of learn more and more at the edge of our fingertips. The whole world is brought to our palm and it gives more and more control over character. It encourages great relationship if the social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp are used in a very much positive manner. We come across many a story where people are helping one another at the time of trouble and tribulations and thereby they take full advantage of such media with no cost and minimum effort.

To cite a simple example, we can say about employers who are recruiting staff for their firms would refer the profile created by the all in the social media platforms like Facebook Twitter etc. One more advantage of referring Facebook and others is that the profile , language used, images liked etc exhibited in them by the person  reflect his  character . Hence the more positive the profile, the more prospective the person becomes for selection.

Internet search engine assists to find the latest position, give the most appropriate answer for what we seek for, and perform the research work with the minimum strain and maximum justification. Even though it is compared to double edge sword or knife it is imperative to use it for good causes for the benefit of mankind and flourish. 

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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Impact of passwords

Internet is offering many a human-centric services which include getting information through search engines like Google ,Yahoo and others ,creating and maintaining of websites for both non commercial and  commercial purpose , connecting people through social media  like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc, giving a platform for sending mail to near and dear ones through Mail services like Gmail, yahoo mail etc. 

 The impact would be understood only when there is a foul-play with the the same and incur monetary loss

In those days one has to wait for a long time to receive a post card from far off place with the result that he may lose the opportunity to attend the interview . But the scenario is different nowadays because the mail services offered by the INTERNET make the job of sending message and receiving it very simple, fast and cheap.

It is very easy to create an email account and once it is created, to send the mail is the easiest job in this world. Every email account has two components namely User Id and Password. When you try for a particular user ID you may  have to encounter some obstacles if the same is in the simplest form. Usually the user Id would be our name followed by any number or letters. For example if John  wants to have an Email account in his name it need not be JOHN alone but it should be followed by JOHN123 or JOHNPTR(PTR FOR PETER). This happens because there could be one and only account in the name of JOHN and every user id is unique and different from other user Ids.

As far as password is concerned we have to be very careful as this serves as a key to our Mail account. We should never share the same with anybody else unless or otherwise the situation warrants such a situation. The password should have the following minimum characteristics to serve the purpose the same is meant for.

1. It should be minimum six letters and to make it strong it should include numbers ie numerical   and special characters like @  %

2. It should not be easily guessable. To cite an example password should not be  name  or date of  birth or nick name  or place of birth

3. Password  should not be written anywhere, and it should be memorized. Especially children should not be aware of such thing as they may misuse it .

4 The Email service providers namely Google yahoo, etc give a helping hand in the event we forget our password. In beginning when we create a Email account we are supposed to give answer to some questions like What is your place of birth . If we remember the same we can easily change our password. 

5. Changing of pass word frequently, not using net centers for internet banking, not revealing the password when one encountered hoax calls are the most important points to be remembered at this juncture.

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Impact of flood in Chennai

Chennai is not only the capital of the Tamil Nadu state in India but also a big city to be called as a Cosmopolitan city. This city is giving shelter to lakhs and lakhs of people , both poor and rich and they all earn their livelihood working in both private and Government sector.


Water is one of the important and significant element among the five  most vital elements namely earth ,water, fire ,air and ether. They play a crucial role in the lives of the people living in this world by creating panic situations and painful experiences. When there is storm and heavy rain fall due to depression  in the sea  every city is affected badly in the sense,  the routine life of the people is very  affected.

Chennai was witnessing the heavy rainfall starting from October 28th and it is said that on a given day the rainfall is more than the quantity of rainfall received during the past three months.In these circumstances Chennai is most affected with the result that water logging is seen everywhere and water has entered into the house and thereby the people in the low lying  areas are to be shifted to relief camps. traffic is most affected ,electricity power is cut off for more than one week in many areas and people have confined themselves in their house itself .

Whoever's house is affected by flood water have gone to the upstairs and some people have to go to the open terrace at the top of the building say 12th or 13 th floor as the case may be.This is applicable only to the apartments.Those small huts and houses that are built in slum areas are completely shattered and the poor people are rescued by nearby people, NGO's, volunteers and some state and central government officials.


People say because of global warming these thing happen  and to avoid such occurrences people should concentrate in reducing air pollution by planting of more trees and eliminating toxic chemicals.
Due to the impact of incessent flow of water more and more damage has happened for life and belongings .
Because of the intermittent rain fall the walls of the house are most affected with leaving stains and black patches .Food has become a rarity and drinking water has become a rare commodity. Milk is not available and the cost of the mild sold out expensively. Sewage water has mixed with the drinking water and thereby making the ground water not potable. The misery of the people because of the floods is inexplicable and they are put into so much hardships and sufferings.


The one solace in this situation is the HUMANITY shown by volunteers and other kind hearted people who helped all those who are affected by floods , losing their home and every single thing they bought with their hard earned money .When so many IT companies have opened their offices in Chennai because of the infrastructure and other amenities, they should start their offices in other cities also so that more and more and people would not have experienced the wrath of flood in chennai.


The first and primary concern of the state government is to repair the roads which is in a bad condition so that traffic will be smooth and the corporation should take steps to remove rubble and garbages collected due to the floods in various areas in Chennai. During nights, mosquitoes is a great menace causing various diseases.Hence people should be immunized.People who used to live in huts should be gifted a house to live safely.

Also it is to be notified that many people have lost their important documents like Adhaar card, Pan card ,ration card and voter card and also house documents like Patta and other important documents.Now it is in the hands of the government to decide what they must do to heal the people who have lost their hope.

The impact of Chennai floods speaks volume about he heavy loss met by all of us

After coming from my relatives house, when i entered the house, this is the state of the rooms.Now the whole house has to be painted.Although nothing is damaged in the house, my wife had to throw the vegetables and fruits purchased before two weeks, and had to empty the fridge to clean it.Flood entered the house through bathroom holes and not from the roads in our area.The happy part is that the servant maid's daughter gave birth to a baby girl a month ago.By God's grace, they are living comfortably in another city.

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When I was studying in the college we got very nice English Professor by name MR Srinivasan who was always ready to share with us everything which include his achievements and his dreams about his students. One day in the morningsession during his class he distributed chocolate to every one of us and when enquired about the reason behind it he told the following story.

He has got a prize from a famous weekly in ourstate that is Tamil Nadu for his contributioncarrying a small incident has brought him the same.  The story goes like this: When he is correcting the answers papers of the first year student he came upon a mistake done by a student in his paper. The mistake was that wherever he has to write RICE he has written as RISE. He has misspelt as “RISE”instead of “RICE”. When the professor noticed the point and asked the concerned student why such a mistake took place, the student replied that the price of rice is always rising and “RISE” is the opt word for “RICE”. So he gave the justification for his mistake. The professor told us this story and he wrote to the Weekly and the Weekly has acknowledged the same publishing it and gave the prize amount.

Afterhearing such a story I have thought of the students commonsense and intelligence and noticed the awareness about economics and inflation. Inflation play a vital role in fixing the price of commodity and there by manipulating the lifestyle of the common man. What is purchased for one rupee last year would not be sold for the same. The price would have gone up to twice or thrice the original price. A common man whose income is not doubled willnot be in a position to manage his day to day life with the result whether he has to settle for a lesser quality goods or borrow money from outside and become a permanent debtor.

Inflation is a curse or a blessing

Inflation is nothing but printing more and more money and letting it for circulation. The purchasing power of money would be gone and hence the common man is struggling to make both ends meet. Instead of allowing more and more money to be circulated the productivity of every citizen should be increased and thriftiness is to be encouraged.

The impact of inflation is felt in all aspects of life and by all .
Since money is said to be a good master but a bad servant saving habit should be inculcated in the minds of the children at the earlier stage of studying  and money values should be taught in theschool itself. Previously when we go the market we take some amount and come back with a bag full of whatever we have purchased. The days are not far off when we have to take a bag full of money to purchase a small quantity of things . Hence inflation should be viewed as a very significant and crucial point .Poor should not become poorer and the rich should not become richer. The rich should be taxed more.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Impact of Tourism-Tour is for rest and recuperation

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Everyone needs not only rest but also relaxation so that he can recoup himself. The monotonous work pattern will frustrate the person’s mind and his/her productivity will be very much reduced .Taking into account the above fact some companies are allowing their employees to go on tour and the expenses are borne by them. It would be once in two years and the employees can go anywhere in India.

When one leaves for a tour he should not forget the following points so that his journey would be pleasant and also this would be in his memory for a long time.

Safety and smooth journey

When a person starts for a journey, first and foremost planning should be there to avoid any unpleasant situations arising out of such negligence. For example if he is going along with his family he should see that proper ticket is booked in advance if they travel by train or by air to avoid last minute confusion. Now the Indian Railways has made elaborate arrangement for advance booking through online as well as offline. Nowadays if you travel by train you can order food over online. Even if tour is arranged through private agencies they are taking all the efforts to make the journey very memorable and hassle-free. In this aspect one should be aware of touts and no one should be taken over by their words . They should become a prey to their empty words and  be fooled.

Respect the sentiments of the local people

Whenever one goes on tour he should adhere to the local rules and regulations .Suppose if he enters a pilgrimage center there would be some place holy place and only those who belong to the religion of the said center would be allowed to enter there . One should be sensitive to such issues and avoid arguments with the respective authorities .

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Wherever we go, we should see that we keep the place clean and tidy. When we go on tour by nature we would take parcel of food. When we sit together and eat we should not forget to clean the place after eating, removing the garbage and putting it in the dustbin kept there.


When we go on tour the one of most disadvantages position as far as we are concerned is that we are very much strangers and we  are passengers for a limited period which means after our visiting the place  we would leave the same as early as possible . This aspect some crooked people take advantage and try to cheat us. They would be self-imposed touts posing as guides leading us to part with our money . Their honey coated words would take us to believe them with the result that we would be taken for   a ride and lose our precious money.

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Impact of smart phone

In those days if one has to contact his /her relative over phone he /she has to go to a Post Office and wait for many hours to get the connection. If anybody wants to make a trunk call he has to contact the telephone department  and book the call details. After some time he would be given the line to talk with his distant relative or friend.Such was the situation some twenty years back .

Now there is a sea change  in the mode of communication i.e telephone .One can have the world within his palm and using his cell phone he can contact anybody in the world within the shortest  period for several hours. there was cell phone with minimum applications and facilities. Now the smart phone has come into existence  with more and more applications and latest technology has made it possible to achieve many things with the help  of smart phone  . There are many things one can perform  with smart phone .To cite a few examples we can quote that one can learn new language , new techniques etc. With downloading of specific applications like Indian Railways one can come to know the train timings availability of seats status of PNR and many more things. Similarly there are applications for booking Taxi, arranging tour programme, etc. The mobile banking is one of the most useful  tool for everyone and without  touching the keyboard one can transfer money to others.Downloading of videos, images, ebooks, softwares is now possible with smart phone and anybody can check his mail using the same.Today, scanning is also possible with smart phone apart from taking photos.Japan has come with new technology where the smart phones are washable with given specifications.The major players in the smart business are Samsung, Nokia, Sony followed by Micromax, Lava, Spice, Oppo.

When there are many benefits by owning a smart phone there are some demerits also which are inevitable . Continuous use of the smart phone for sending message and surfing through social media like Facebook, etc would lead to nervous break down . The fingers are most affected and eyes feel the damage in the long run.   Anything used for long hours which leads to addiction may result in looking for treatment. Some smart phone are source for radiation which leads to skin problems and other diseases. 


Every scientific invention has got its own pros ad cons and we have to take advantages of positive aspects of such inventions. We have to learn the tactics of avoiding trouble and nuisance to ourselves and others when handling such things.  Smartphone also have got advantages and disadvantage sand we have to understand the good aspect and try to minimize problems arising out of such gadgets. The physical harm they can bring to us should be clearly analyzed and maximum effort should be put into avert any  harmful and venomous effects.

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Friday, 8 January 2016

My tales of 2015 and plans for 2016

“Time and tide waits for none” so goes the famous saying on Time. For some, time flies and for some spending time is a hard thing. For example when a person waits for an interview time seems to move at snail’s pace. At the same time the same person is spending his time with a loved one, their time moves very fast. Anyhow it was only yesterday we welcomed the year 2015 and now we have to greet the New Year i.e. 2016. New Year means new beginning, new calendar, new goals and new resolutions. Based on the experience we gained during the last year we have to plan our present life so as to make a good future. That should be our aim.

In the last year I met with so many problems ranging from losing money by way of penalty due to nonpayment of dues like Life insurance premium to strained relationship because of not attending important family functions owing to lack of proper planning. This has brought me a very good idea to create a tool box which would be always helpful to avoid such things in future. Such a tool box will be utilized for managing ourselves in an organized way. The following five points would be thought of when preparing such a tool box.

A stitch in time

Anticipating inevitable trouble and difficult situations it is always better to plan ahead. A periodical basis job is to be performed. For that a To Do List may be prepared in such a way it reminds one to finish the work on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual basis. A chart should be made for this task and pasted on your table.


In this internet era we may get answers for anything and everything. But still because of preoccupation with our routine life and distraction due to various activities we undertake because of our various roles we may find it difficult to recollect some vital information resulting in failures. To avoid it, in a note book some important hints may be notified in such a way to refer the same as and when required. The important phone numbers and address of people we interact frequently may be recorded for future reference.

History repeats itself.

A dairy may be maintained for important incidents .Whatever mistakes we have made, whatever obstacles we have come across, whatever good things we have felt are written in this book to meet the challenges we may meet in future when we happen to encounter same situations. This should be written in simple language and numbered.  

Due date diary.

A due date diary may be maintained for payment of our obligations like insurance, credit card payment etc. This would help us a lot to avoid penalty, mental agony, and physical strain.  The dairy is to be prepared in such a way it includes the due dates, then we have fixed our goals.

Life is what you make of it

Since success or failure in our life depends on our action or non- action we have to be very much prepared. We should place our each and every step very carefully. We should take stock now and then.  For this we have to gather all our personal records and arrange them in chronological order. They should be kept under lock and key. The family members should be enlightened about this.

“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.”

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