Saturday, 26 December 2015

Awakening my force with Star Wars Special Edition Notebook

Star wars(including the original series) is a great blockbuster movie. The sound effects and the visual treats have enthralled thousands of people in every nook and corner of the world.

The fantasy unleashed in the form of the dark side coupled with wild imagination and sharp intelligence is the reason for the success of this wonderful movie. The fight scenes between the good and the evil are very much thrilling and intoxicating .They keep people engaged and entertained. 

The victorious  story of the star wars movie has paved the way for producing HP Star wars special edition notebook. This is an energy boost to all star wars movie fans.

In star wars special edition notebook, the one aspect that tempts me to buy it is the number of images stored in it. Variety is the spice of life.

I am fascinated by the 1100 images which in no doubt will become a huge hit among the youngsters as well as  the elders. The power of the dark side is sure enough to create waves and celebrations.

The images will instigate enthusiasm in the minds of the people to think creatively. It brings out the child in everybody i.e playful, mischievous and funny then why not me. Basically I am a jolly person, if I have this special edition notebook, I will use one image daily to set as my profile picture in my Facebook account and show my fun side.I will also use my imagination to crop or enhance if needed in such a way that motivates everyone in my friend list to fight for their rights and shout against the injustice and inequality existing in this world.

I am also inspired to write a fun poem after learning about the following benefits in detail.

1) 15 inch diagonal FHD display
2) Huge wallpaper collections
3) Reliable performance that makes everyday tasks easy and efficient
4) Audio by B&O play will move everyone when watching movies which can only be experienced
4) The bonus features which includes e-book excerpts from star wars universe and preloaded star wars movie trailers, etc

Now my poem.....

Hear My Say On HP Stars Wars Special Edition Notebook
As Soon It Will Become More Popular like Facebook

A Tool Box With All The Necessary Instruments Of Fun
A Boon To Tech Savy Geeks Giving All The Brightness Of Sun
It Shall Be Outstanding In The Market With A Great Run 
Sharp And Quick Like a Bullet Leaving From a Gun 

The Sound May Pierce The Constellations Into Stars Glittering 
Applause May Take The Star Gods Awestruck Before Blinking
Awaken Your Force With This Galactic Inspired Design
Like You Experience It When Eating One of Your Favourite Cuisine

This Special Edition Notebook Is A Great Blessing To All
Fantasy Leads To Ecstacy Bringing Pleasant Call
Crowd of People Thronging To Catch This Doll
It Means To Every One As Good As A Golden Ball

As Nobody Can Resist The Power Of The Dark Side
Fully Armed And Operational It Brings Out Your Playful Side

Official Trailer of Star wars special edition notebook

                                                             # AwakenYourForce

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