Saturday, 19 December 2015

Creating a safer world for women

In the olden days women were confined to their own world of kitchen and their main activity would be to cook food for their family and taking care of other domestic affairs . They were not allowed to go to any place without somebody accompanying them. They on the maximum looked after the domestic affairs whereas the men  were said to be the sole bread winners of their family .By virtue of wisdom they could make a command on the crucial decisions taken  for the benefit of their families. Now there is a sea change in the  mindset  of the people where women go to various places out of their houses  for working and studying purposes,etc.

Women have started to enter  any field and master it. We can see them taking the jobs which usually men were supposed to do. For example, nowadays we can see a lady after taking training driving a bus which is used to transport people from one destination to another. Like this, the occupation  of women in many number of fields only tell about their  biggest contribution to our economy.It is a welcome sign they are giving their best and shouldering responsibility along with their menfolk. In these circumstances safety of women has become a great issue as they have become very much vulnerable to all sort of threats like sexual  harassment  to sexual assault.In eyes  of law women have got rights to be treated well, and  protect themselves  from any external injury or wound .

Cinema and TV serials have shown  woman  in bad taste and this has added fuel to the fire. In order to earn a good TRP rating the so called soap opera groups and movie makers have compromised on many values  and they have not acted with a responsibility towards the society They have portrayed women folk as sexual objects, glamor material is what i mean. They have polluted the young minds and with the result we see a corrupt  society . The ultimate sufferers are our own mothers, sisters and daughters.

According to the National Commission on Women the complaints of sexual harassment at the work place have doubled from 249 in 2013 to 526 in 2014 . But the realty is there are many cases remain hidden  because victims are afraid they will be harassed further.

Today  the necessity of  reporting such cases has arisen and every  women  should be enlightened about the means and ways of reporting as sexual violence leads the victims to suffer physically and mentally. Some may commit suicide and some may slip into coma stages. apart from facing the wrath of their own family members . As the saying goes, Prevention is better than cure, every woman  should be aware of their rights of reporting sexual violence to the authorities in charge so that corrective measures are taken to prevent such incidents to reoccur.

In short, modernization of the world is a curse to women folk.Compared to olden days, crimes on women have raised higher.The need for glamor in movies and soap operas are a bane to young girls and women but a visual treat to some men.The media personnel should learn they are directly encouraging rape and molestation.Though people may put the blame on men, they should accept the fact all men are not saints.

Three reasons to encourage women to report sexual assault are

1)Reporting of sexual violence is made simple  because of availability of  social media like Facebook Twitter, whatsapp etc because now the society is realizing the severity of the problem

2)Every organization is likely to establish Internal complaints committee which may serve as a forum for reporting such violent incidents.

3)The social stigma attached to aggrieved women has completely vanished and the society is very much empathetic with the affected family.

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