Saturday, 28 November 2015

Useful tips for baby skin

How to protect the baby skin?

Baby skin is not like skin of the grown people. Baby skin is very much delicate and sensitive. Hence proper care should be taken to protect the baby skin .We should not neglect any symptoms associated with skin problems as they may lead to more complicated problems on a future date. Rashes on baby skin must not be left as it is thinking it will go. The reasons for the rash may be plenty. From the diaper the baby is wearing to the tight clothes. After finding out the reason, the parent should avoid repeating the same mistake. I have five tips for baby skin. Make a note of the below points to make your baby's skin soft and supple.

Clean clothes

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. How truthful these words are. Babies must wear clean and neat clothes because their skin is to be protected from various diseases. Unlike adults, they are not immune to germs. So it is always better to bath the babies twice in the morning and evening and make them wear neat and tidy clothes. Towels for the babies must be checked for dust.

Oil bath

Children should be given frequent oil bath because it will lead to good nourishment for the babies and also the massage associated with the oil bath would help the children to maintain freshness and a sense of happiness. You can use any oil for your child even though olive oil is known to be best for babies. They say chemical is not found in baby oil sold in shop but I am not sure about the genuineness.

Sun light

Sun light always gives Vitamin D and hence children should be taken outside and let them get exposure to sunlight and it would help the children get Vitamin D to a large extent. It is a proven method. Some babies may have very, very sensitive skin, it is wise to ask a doctor for advice.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric has got its own herbal effect and turmeric powder should be applied on the baby immediately before the bath so that the skin would glow brighter. After bathing with turmeric powder, you must use a regular soap to wipe off the yellow color that still stays on your baby’s skin.

Gram flour

The gram flour should be mixed with water and bathing should be given with the gram flour so that the baby skin will be cleared of all the dust and waste particles. Your baby's skin will thank you for it. Gram flour is used by nannies in Tamil Nadu for a very long time.

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