Friday, 13 November 2015

The Five Tips

“Child is the father of man” so goes the famous saying about children. Kids are bringing joyfulness and fun to the entire family. They are the source of laughter and ecstasy. While children bring happiness they have to be protected from external factors like climate , change in  seasonal atmosphere and adulterated food so that they have smooth days . Every aspect of their well-being is to be looked into so that nothing hampers their health.

There are many books and articles written on “how to take care of child” but a practical approach should be made to ensure the child’s healthy growth. Every child has got a smooth skin and to take care of the same is very much necessary as it forms the significant effort on the part of its parents.

My grandma has told several tips to safeguard the child’s skin due to her vast experience. She has got the opportunity to bring up at least half a dozen kids from her children. Even though the methods can be outdated they are very much relevant in these days because the benefit is huge and lasting for a long time.

SUN LIGHT Immediately after giving the child a bath the mother is supposed to lay down the kid in the veranda where sunlight is visible. Sunlight rays are rich in Vitamin D which is very much useful for the child’s skin and also good for eyes. This practice is followed in south India and all communities whether they are rich or poor.

BABY OIL Since skin is the outer layer protecting the child’s vital organs and giving a good look it is essential on the part of mother to use the Baby oil to massage the body of the child after the bath.

COTTON DRESS It is always better to use cotton dresses for the children as they protect the child in the winter as well summer season. The other materials namely silk , leather, etc may look nice but they are not good for children.

TWICE BOTH IN A DAY The smooth skin of the skin of the child should be washed off twice in a day so that the child will not develop any skin problem. Whenever the child is taken out of the house for visiting a hospital immediately returning from the hospital or from anywhere the child may be given a warm bath as the pollution may affect the child’s skin as they are so delicate.

Some vegetables like carrot, beetroot (smashed) have got great herbal values and so the child should be given vegetable in plenty so they receive good amount of nourishment in the form of minerals and vitamins. 

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