Saturday, 28 November 2015

Advertisement in the TV media particularly during the break of any soap opera play a vital and crucial role in marketing the product. Particularly big companies choose the time factor as well as the target group when they make the same to boost their product. Usually the advisement take a few seconds to be run because of the price they have to pay to the sponsors. Before giving the advertisement to the media those who are involved in the making of the same would take into all account, the message and the people involved, etc. So that the message goes correctly and in a strong tone so that people will always remember the same. When they go to the market they have to purchase not only the particular product but they have to go for the brand they see in the advertisement. With an eye on capturing the attention of the people the makers include the characters in such way that the advertisement shows the people directly involve in purchasing the product or consuming the same.


In this particular advertisement we see a mother and some children. Usually mothers that is the female members of the family would take the decision for what should be purchased and what not to be purchased even though the head of the family may be the father. There we see so many small teenage children who are playing and they feel hungry. They want to have something to eat and now the fast food culture has set in. The noodles we see in the advertisement is a very popular eatables because of the taste and time taken for cooking. Children are particularly shown in this advertisement as the target group of the product and the acting also seem to be very much natural and attracting. One particular aspect we have to see in this adverting is that some vegetables are cut into pieces and added to the noodles and it shows the solution to the complaint of the mothers about their children who do not take vegetables as their routine diet.

The advertisement may be more fruitful to involve adult members so that noodles is consumed by grown up people also. Anyhow the maker of the advertisement is successful in his message to give great impact on the mind of the viewers by presenting a very nice picture of the circumstance in which the product serves its purpose.

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