Saturday, 28 November 2015

Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha

My views

Children with learning disabilities and those mentally challenged need special care and attention.It takes special people to enter into their world and teach them.Very pleased to know Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha is one among them in India.

What they do?

They have special school for mentally challenged and autistic children.

They have full fledged therapy department.

They undertake public awareness programmes on large scale in rural and urban areas.

They provide rehabilitation services through sheltered workshop and in open employment.

Support: Education, Remedial and Special Education, Disability


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Help a child to study

Activity: Help A Child to Study sponsors the higher education of meritorious underprivileged students, supporting them to achieve dreams of a better future. We sponsor all formal courses above 10th, including 11th and 12th, diploma courses, degree courses, B.E., M.B.B.S. and Postgrad. Through education our students are able to escape the cycle of poverty through their own talents.

Details: We are very proud of our students - who are the children of labourers, small scale farmers, weavers and other families with low incomes. These students have enormous potential to succeed and only need financial support to do so. We are thrilled that today some of our graduates are placed with large companies such as Mahindra Tech, L&T, and TATA Consultancy Services.

Support: Education, higher education, sponsorship of students.

Note: We are looking for financial donations to support the higher education of our students, most of whom live in rural areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

This post is a part of BlogAdda's Bloggers Social Responsibility (BSR) initiative. I am exercising my BSR. You can too with three simple steps. Visit and support the NGO's.

My views

Indeed, the work so far done by the organization must be applauded.My sincere advice for them is,  they should help the children in rural areas of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to stand on their own feet.They can also ask the benefited students, big corporate companies and the rich to help out their organization.

I support Green Coalition Network

Activity: Green Coalition Network is an independent non-governmental environmental advocacy organization that was informally founded in the year 2000. Green Coalition is dedicated to improving public health standards, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development & ethical business. We provide practical eco-friendly solutions that integrate long-term economic prosperity and sound social development, thereby bringing about real positive change. We implement this by influencing public opinion, building constructive partnerships with industry and the government and promoting community and corporate programs focused on youth & public participation.

Support: environmental awareness, environmental education, environmental advocacy, public health, fair trade, sustainable development, Third Sector Consulting

Note: We want more active volunteers and members. You can also have a look at our current requirements at the page below link is not working at present)

This post is a part of BlogAdda's Bloggers Social Responsibility (BSR) initiative. I am exercising my BSR. You can too with three simple steps. Visit and support the NGO's.

My views 

Day by day our environment is polluted by toxic gases emanating from big industries and buses and trucks . It is great on the part of the said NGO taking the initiative to solve the environment problems and making our life simple and comfortable..

Useful tips for baby skin

How to protect the baby skin?

Baby skin is not like skin of the grown people. Baby skin is very much delicate and sensitive. Hence proper care should be taken to protect the baby skin .We should not neglect any symptoms associated with skin problems as they may lead to more complicated problems on a future date. Rashes on baby skin must not be left as it is thinking it will go. The reasons for the rash may be plenty. From the diaper the baby is wearing to the tight clothes. After finding out the reason, the parent should avoid repeating the same mistake. I have five tips for baby skin. Make a note of the below points to make your baby's skin soft and supple.

Clean clothes

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. How truthful these words are. Babies must wear clean and neat clothes because their skin is to be protected from various diseases. Unlike adults, they are not immune to germs. So it is always better to bath the babies twice in the morning and evening and make them wear neat and tidy clothes. Towels for the babies must be checked for dust.

Oil bath

Children should be given frequent oil bath because it will lead to good nourishment for the babies and also the massage associated with the oil bath would help the children to maintain freshness and a sense of happiness. You can use any oil for your child even though olive oil is known to be best for babies. They say chemical is not found in baby oil sold in shop but I am not sure about the genuineness.

Sun light

Sun light always gives Vitamin D and hence children should be taken outside and let them get exposure to sunlight and it would help the children get Vitamin D to a large extent. It is a proven method. Some babies may have very, very sensitive skin, it is wise to ask a doctor for advice.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric has got its own herbal effect and turmeric powder should be applied on the baby immediately before the bath so that the skin would glow brighter. After bathing with turmeric powder, you must use a regular soap to wipe off the yellow color that still stays on your baby’s skin.

Gram flour

The gram flour should be mixed with water and bathing should be given with the gram flour so that the baby skin will be cleared of all the dust and waste particles. Your baby's skin will thank you for it. Gram flour is used by nannies in Tamil Nadu for a very long time.

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Advertisement in the TV media particularly during the break of any soap opera play a vital and crucial role in marketing the product. Particularly big companies choose the time factor as well as the target group when they make the same to boost their product. Usually the advisement take a few seconds to be run because of the price they have to pay to the sponsors. Before giving the advertisement to the media those who are involved in the making of the same would take into all account, the message and the people involved, etc. So that the message goes correctly and in a strong tone so that people will always remember the same. When they go to the market they have to purchase not only the particular product but they have to go for the brand they see in the advertisement. With an eye on capturing the attention of the people the makers include the characters in such way that the advertisement shows the people directly involve in purchasing the product or consuming the same.


In this particular advertisement we see a mother and some children. Usually mothers that is the female members of the family would take the decision for what should be purchased and what not to be purchased even though the head of the family may be the father. There we see so many small teenage children who are playing and they feel hungry. They want to have something to eat and now the fast food culture has set in. The noodles we see in the advertisement is a very popular eatables because of the taste and time taken for cooking. Children are particularly shown in this advertisement as the target group of the product and the acting also seem to be very much natural and attracting. One particular aspect we have to see in this adverting is that some vegetables are cut into pieces and added to the noodles and it shows the solution to the complaint of the mothers about their children who do not take vegetables as their routine diet.

The advertisement may be more fruitful to involve adult members so that noodles is consumed by grown up people also. Anyhow the maker of the advertisement is successful in his message to give great impact on the mind of the viewers by presenting a very nice picture of the circumstance in which the product serves its purpose.

Friday, 13 November 2015

The Five Tips

“Child is the father of man” so goes the famous saying about children. Kids are bringing joyfulness and fun to the entire family. They are the source of laughter and ecstasy. While children bring happiness they have to be protected from external factors like climate , change in  seasonal atmosphere and adulterated food so that they have smooth days . Every aspect of their well-being is to be looked into so that nothing hampers their health.

There are many books and articles written on “how to take care of child” but a practical approach should be made to ensure the child’s healthy growth. Every child has got a smooth skin and to take care of the same is very much necessary as it forms the significant effort on the part of its parents.

My grandma has told several tips to safeguard the child’s skin due to her vast experience. She has got the opportunity to bring up at least half a dozen kids from her children. Even though the methods can be outdated they are very much relevant in these days because the benefit is huge and lasting for a long time.

SUN LIGHT Immediately after giving the child a bath the mother is supposed to lay down the kid in the veranda where sunlight is visible. Sunlight rays are rich in Vitamin D which is very much useful for the child’s skin and also good for eyes. This practice is followed in south India and all communities whether they are rich or poor.

BABY OIL Since skin is the outer layer protecting the child’s vital organs and giving a good look it is essential on the part of mother to use the Baby oil to massage the body of the child after the bath.

COTTON DRESS It is always better to use cotton dresses for the children as they protect the child in the winter as well summer season. The other materials namely silk , leather, etc may look nice but they are not good for children.

TWICE BOTH IN A DAY The smooth skin of the skin of the child should be washed off twice in a day so that the child will not develop any skin problem. Whenever the child is taken out of the house for visiting a hospital immediately returning from the hospital or from anywhere the child may be given a warm bath as the pollution may affect the child’s skin as they are so delicate.

Some vegetables like carrot, beetroot (smashed) have got great herbal values and so the child should be given vegetable in plenty so they receive good amount of nourishment in the form of minerals and vitamins. 

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