Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Giver's Delight

Because of our social nature, in the course of our interaction with others we have to give gifts on various occasions and to different people for various reasons in general forms. For example when one of our friends birthday is known we would give him/her a gift so that we can show our love and affection. It is a happy occasion and the person receiving the gift would naturally feel happy and gregarious. It is also a symbol of positive stroke we extend which would strengthen our bond and relationship. Cost does not matter and the value of the gift corresponds to the timely and spontaneous gesture.

We usually give gifts on special occasions like anniversary days when we remember the happy occurrence like a marriage day or retirement day. The gifts always include the nature of the day for which there is celebration. For example at the time of marriage we give gifs to the newly married couple articles related to making a home and hence we give Fridge, Tv and fancy things. If the day is a retirement day the gifts will range from golden watch to nice 2 in 1 radio attached with emergency light. The watch is given to those who are arranging the retirement party because the person has given his Golden hour to the organization and in return we are giving him/her Golden watch to convey the message that we are grateful to him/her for his/her great contribution to the company.


In my school days when I was studying 6th standard we were living in a small town in Tamilnadu. Even though it is famous for quality education we were taught only two languages namely Tamil, my mother tongue and English. Then I used to walk a lot and once I happened to come across a tuition center giving coaching for Hindi. It attracted me very much and I entered into the center to know about the fees and other related matters. It was a small house and the front portion was allotted for the class room. There was only one teacher who was managing the whole center. He was built thin with regular features and short and fair.

After inquiries I joined the course and began to study Hindi. Somehow or other I could not continue studying there .But the teacher was successful in instilling confidence in me for learning the language and I was very grateful to him. Later on even though I studied Hindi through other sources I could not forget my first guru. Once I went to his place after ten years , met him in person and handed over a gift to him stating I was his student and I was grateful to him . He could not recognize me and he was very happy on the occasion and told me that in his service he rarely received gifts and my recognition brought tears in his eyes. The gift is a 4 in 1 rechargeable Radio with a fan, torch light and clock.

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