Thursday, 9 April 2015


Whoever believes in the existence of God will say about His gifts to the whole humanity in several ways. Individually the Almighty is blessing the people with gifts in the form of skills and talent. For example Madam Latha Mangeshkar is said to be gifted enough to sing hundreds of songs enthralling the people with the sweetest voice and the people who listen to it forget themselves. Some people are gifted by means of strength and brain power who exhibit themselves in different activity and even bring laurel to themselves and their country. 

To cite an example we can say the winning of world cup by Ms Saina Nehwal in sports. Like this we can quote so many happenings to substantiate the gifts by God. In some other case God is said to bless the people by offering the unexpected gifts in the form of delight in their social life.

For example we can say about the woman who have got 4 or 5 children at one delivery when some couples are deprived of children for many years. Similarly some people are living for more than 100 years when small children are plucked at an early stage of their life. Some countries are blessed with water and other sources in abundance some countries go without water or they have to manage natural calamities like tsunami, etc.

During my college days this has happened and I cannot forget the incident. I along with my 5 fellow students used to visit a hotel situated nearby the college namely marina hotel and we were identified as marina friends. We would go there and used to talk the time by simple chitchat. At that time there was an intercollege competition and one of our friend got the first prize in a particular event.

The prize distribution was scheduled to take place at the sponsoring college which was situated at a different city. We were very much happy to talk about this and expected that he would go to the college for the function and receive his prize.

Alas, the friend belongs to a poor family. His father is no more and he is living with his mother who is working in a house as a servant maid earning meagre wages.

Our friend was not having a very nice dress to wear on that day and hence he was hesitating to attend the same. We, his friends talked among ourselves and decided to help him by offering some amount contributed by each one of us. But he did not agree to this stating that it amounts to charity.

Coincidentally his birth day was due on the middle of the month when the grand function was arranged. We gave the amount to him and asked him to accept the same as our birthday gift. He was very much pleased to accept the same and he attended the said event. He received the prize from the District Collector and we were all happy. We proved “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

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