Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Diversity in Unity

Advertisement is a part and parcel of publicity strategy of companies who want to market their products on a big scale. Without advertisement no product would be boosted in the market because of the attraction of the people to purchase it and where there is presence of competitors the game is very tough and the companies have to make all the efforts to present very nice picture to pull the attention of the consumers.

In the present fast life , people cannot be taken for granted and they have to be enlightened about the pros and cons of buying a product and advertisement comes into the scene to help marketing the product. Even big companies like Godrej go for giving advertisement in big dailies and other media to give wide publicity to the product.

In this particular advertisement we see there are two couples from North India and South India happen to meet during a tour programme or at an event, show to each other what they have brought for the lunch. Here we see the different eatables and it shows how much we differ in our country Culture wise to be precise. Our taste differ from state to state.

For example when in South India people take rice in a larger scale and in North India people take wheat in the form of Chappathi. Similarly in the south men wear dhotis and kailies and in the north men use to put on kurta and some wear turban. Even in the same city we see the difference in the accent when they talk their language even though they would be talking in their mother tongue. Like this we can go on add so many different things we can see among the people of India belonging to various areas due to the different culture inherited by them from their forefathers.

The advertisement is very funny in the sense there are only 4 characters and their action speaks a volume of coincidence and bringing the Pepsi out is the climax of the same. When it speaks about the availability of the product throughout the country, it conveys the message the product is well placed in the market to be consumed by all. It tells the message that whatever be the difference between the people when it comes to beverage they are united to consume Pepsi and the wording Pepsi all over India only shows the greatness of the product as well as popularity of the same. .  

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