Saturday, 25 April 2015

Celebrate every moment by doing what you like

People say, “Life is what you make of it”. Hell or heaven is in your hands only and if you have the will power to be happy whatever your position may be you can achieve it. In our life we see nobody is living a life of happiness by confining all his activities to himself apart from the routine things everybody is supposed to undertake to keep himself hale and healthy.

Health is very significant matter which is closely associated with your happiness.

Money is an important factor which has some influence in making one happy and joyful. But money alone cannot bring peacefulness and harmony in ones's life and he /she has to put in more and more efforts to keep cheerful social movements reasonable and respectable .Otherwise we have to suffer in spite of our being a rich guy.

In social life we make so many adjustments and compromises so as to avoid conflicts and quarrels on which our happiness and joyfulness depend.

What makes a doctor and others like me celebrate every moment?

Nobody is earning money by means of satisfying his own needs and necessities. For example you can cite a doctor. A doctor who has finished his studies and go for practicing cannot not say that he would not treat others but himself what is the point in acquiring a doctor degree. He has to serve others and treat others so that he can earn a living and there would be meaning for his having obtained the degree. Similarly others who have got special skills have to serve others and live a life of satisfaction and happiness. Like this the business people also are not running the show benefitting others and no one can run the same for the sake of himself.

Totally whatever profession we  may engage ourselves but we have to remember our happiness very much depend our ability to satisfy the needs and necessities of others.In the social life we have  to develop social skills to  get along with others and our maturity and our handling of situation very much affect our happiness. This is the beauty as well as significance of living in a society .
Different situations, different handling leads to celebration
When we have to learn so many things ranging from Mathematics to other Science subjects we have to study the social skills on which our happiness depend very much. By showing love and affection by simple gestures like saluting others when we first meet them and thanking whenever we get a benefit from  others. These simple things would take us to handle different circumstances in a nice and happy manner. In the social life our happiness very much circle around our social skills and sprits.

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