Saturday, 25 April 2015

Celebrate every moment by doing what you like

People say, “Life is what you make of it”. Hell or heaven is in your hands only and if you have the will power to be happy whatever your position may be you can achieve it. In our life we see nobody is living a life of happiness by confining all his activities to himself apart from the routine things everybody is supposed to undertake to keep himself hale and healthy.

Health is very significant matter which is closely associated with your happiness.

Money is an important factor which has some influence in making one happy and joyful. But money alone cannot bring peacefulness and harmony in ones's life and he /she has to put in more and more efforts to keep cheerful social movements reasonable and respectable .Otherwise we have to suffer in spite of our being a rich guy.

In social life we make so many adjustments and compromises so as to avoid conflicts and quarrels on which our happiness and joyfulness depend.

What makes a doctor and others like me celebrate every moment?

Nobody is earning money by means of satisfying his own needs and necessities. For example you can cite a doctor. A doctor who has finished his studies and go for practicing cannot not say that he would not treat others but himself what is the point in acquiring a doctor degree. He has to serve others and treat others so that he can earn a living and there would be meaning for his having obtained the degree. Similarly others who have got special skills have to serve others and live a life of satisfaction and happiness. Like this the business people also are not running the show benefitting others and no one can run the same for the sake of himself.

Totally whatever profession we  may engage ourselves but we have to remember our happiness very much depend our ability to satisfy the needs and necessities of others.In the social life we have  to develop social skills to  get along with others and our maturity and our handling of situation very much affect our happiness. This is the beauty as well as significance of living in a society .
Different situations, different handling leads to celebration
When we have to learn so many things ranging from Mathematics to other Science subjects we have to study the social skills on which our happiness depend very much. By showing love and affection by simple gestures like saluting others when we first meet them and thanking whenever we get a benefit from  others. These simple things would take us to handle different circumstances in a nice and happy manner. In the social life our happiness very much circle around our social skills and sprits.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Diversity in Unity

Advertisement is a part and parcel of publicity strategy of companies who want to market their products on a big scale. Without advertisement no product would be boosted in the market because of the attraction of the people to purchase it and where there is presence of competitors the game is very tough and the companies have to make all the efforts to present very nice picture to pull the attention of the consumers.

In the present fast life , people cannot be taken for granted and they have to be enlightened about the pros and cons of buying a product and advertisement comes into the scene to help marketing the product. Even big companies like Godrej go for giving advertisement in big dailies and other media to give wide publicity to the product.

In this particular advertisement we see there are two couples from North India and South India happen to meet during a tour programme or at an event, show to each other what they have brought for the lunch. Here we see the different eatables and it shows how much we differ in our country Culture wise to be precise. Our taste differ from state to state.

For example when in South India people take rice in a larger scale and in North India people take wheat in the form of Chappathi. Similarly in the south men wear dhotis and kailies and in the north men use to put on kurta and some wear turban. Even in the same city we see the difference in the accent when they talk their language even though they would be talking in their mother tongue. Like this we can go on add so many different things we can see among the people of India belonging to various areas due to the different culture inherited by them from their forefathers.

The advertisement is very funny in the sense there are only 4 characters and their action speaks a volume of coincidence and bringing the Pepsi out is the climax of the same. When it speaks about the availability of the product throughout the country, it conveys the message the product is well placed in the market to be consumed by all. It tells the message that whatever be the difference between the people when it comes to beverage they are united to consume Pepsi and the wording Pepsi all over India only shows the greatness of the product as well as popularity of the same. .  

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Crash The Pepsi IPL

Advertisement in the TV media particularly during the break of any soap opera play a vital and crucial role in marketing the product. Particularly big companies choose the time factor as well as the target group when they make the same to boost their product. Usually the advisement take a few seconds to be run because of the price they have to pay to the sponsors.

Before giving the advertisement to the media those who are involved in the making of the same would take into all account, the message and the people involved, etc. So that the message goes correctly and in a strong tone so that people will always remember the same. When they go to the market they have to purchase not only the particular product but they have to go for the brand they see in the advertisement. With an eye on capturing the attention of the people the makers include the characters in such way that the advertisement shows the people directly involve in purchasing the product or consuming the same.

In this particular advertisement we see a mother and some children. Usually mothers that is the female members of the family would take the decision for what should be purchased and what not to be purchased even though the head of the family may be the father. There we see so many small children who are playing and they feel hungry. They want to have something to eat and now the fast food culture has set in.

The noodles we see in the advertisement is a very popular eatables because of the taste and time taken for cooking. Children are particularly shown in this advertisement as the target group of the product and the acting also seem to be very much natural and attracting. One particular aspect we have to see in this adverting is that some vegetables are cut into pieces and added to the noodles and it shows the solution to the complaint of the mothers about their children who do not take vegetables as their routine diet.

The advertisement may be more fruitful to involve adult members so that noodles is consumed by grown up people also. Anyhow the maker of the advertisement is successful in his message to give great impact on the mind of the viewers by presenting a very nice picture of the circumstance in which the product serves its purpose.

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Thursday, 9 April 2015


Whoever believes in the existence of God will say about His gifts to the whole humanity in several ways. Individually the Almighty is blessing the people with gifts in the form of skills and talent. For example Madam Latha Mangeshkar is said to be gifted enough to sing hundreds of songs enthralling the people with the sweetest voice and the people who listen to it forget themselves. Some people are gifted by means of strength and brain power who exhibit themselves in different activity and even bring laurel to themselves and their country. 

To cite an example we can say the winning of world cup by Ms Saina Nehwal in sports. Like this we can quote so many happenings to substantiate the gifts by God. In some other case God is said to bless the people by offering the unexpected gifts in the form of delight in their social life.

For example we can say about the woman who have got 4 or 5 children at one delivery when some couples are deprived of children for many years. Similarly some people are living for more than 100 years when small children are plucked at an early stage of their life. Some countries are blessed with water and other sources in abundance some countries go without water or they have to manage natural calamities like tsunami, etc.

During my college days this has happened and I cannot forget the incident. I along with my 5 fellow students used to visit a hotel situated nearby the college namely marina hotel and we were identified as marina friends. We would go there and used to talk the time by simple chitchat. At that time there was an intercollege competition and one of our friend got the first prize in a particular event.

The prize distribution was scheduled to take place at the sponsoring college which was situated at a different city. We were very much happy to talk about this and expected that he would go to the college for the function and receive his prize.

Alas, the friend belongs to a poor family. His father is no more and he is living with his mother who is working in a house as a servant maid earning meagre wages.

Our friend was not having a very nice dress to wear on that day and hence he was hesitating to attend the same. We, his friends talked among ourselves and decided to help him by offering some amount contributed by each one of us. But he did not agree to this stating that it amounts to charity.

Coincidentally his birth day was due on the middle of the month when the grand function was arranged. We gave the amount to him and asked him to accept the same as our birthday gift. He was very much pleased to accept the same and he attended the said event. He received the prize from the District Collector and we were all happy. We proved “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

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Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Giver's Delight

Because of our social nature, in the course of our interaction with others we have to give gifts on various occasions and to different people for various reasons in general forms. For example when one of our friends birthday is known we would give him/her a gift so that we can show our love and affection. It is a happy occasion and the person receiving the gift would naturally feel happy and gregarious. It is also a symbol of positive stroke we extend which would strengthen our bond and relationship. Cost does not matter and the value of the gift corresponds to the timely and spontaneous gesture.

We usually give gifts on special occasions like anniversary days when we remember the happy occurrence like a marriage day or retirement day. The gifts always include the nature of the day for which there is celebration. For example at the time of marriage we give gifs to the newly married couple articles related to making a home and hence we give Fridge, Tv and fancy things. If the day is a retirement day the gifts will range from golden watch to nice 2 in 1 radio attached with emergency light. The watch is given to those who are arranging the retirement party because the person has given his Golden hour to the organization and in return we are giving him/her Golden watch to convey the message that we are grateful to him/her for his/her great contribution to the company.


In my school days when I was studying 6th standard we were living in a small town in Tamilnadu. Even though it is famous for quality education we were taught only two languages namely Tamil, my mother tongue and English. Then I used to walk a lot and once I happened to come across a tuition center giving coaching for Hindi. It attracted me very much and I entered into the center to know about the fees and other related matters. It was a small house and the front portion was allotted for the class room. There was only one teacher who was managing the whole center. He was built thin with regular features and short and fair.

After inquiries I joined the course and began to study Hindi. Somehow or other I could not continue studying there .But the teacher was successful in instilling confidence in me for learning the language and I was very grateful to him. Later on even though I studied Hindi through other sources I could not forget my first guru. Once I went to his place after ten years , met him in person and handed over a gift to him stating I was his student and I was grateful to him . He could not recognize me and he was very happy on the occasion and told me that in his service he rarely received gifts and my recognition brought tears in his eyes. The gift is a 4 in 1 rechargeable Radio with a fan, torch light and clock.

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