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A loop poem

"The sky is the limit” is an old slogan forgotten by all

All accept with a dream we can break the atmospheric boundaries

Boundaries of the horizon  are aimed with mission and  passion

Passion paves way for making our goals and vision a reality.

Castles in the air indolent and forlorn daydreamers build

Build your empire with dedication determination and  confidence

Confidence and perseverance are two rudimentary pillars of success.

Success is destined to follow our will power, aspiration, and ambition.

Fear of failure would seem to  hamper  our steady advancement 

Advancement  we accomplish  with an optimistic outlook and  the veracious  attitude

Attitude towards   obstacles is to be  in the direction of  the positivity

Positivity   results in viewing  them  as  opportunities to win with a victory 

Focus on a single goal at a time leads to myriad  destinations

Destinations don't vary if the mind is not ready  to waver

Waver disturbs the diamond and  powerful trajectory of  achievements

Achievement of your ambitions make your heart elated and  wide   

The fact "Sans pain there is no gain"  we all bolster and  cherish

Cherish all inspiring thoughts to put in all the efforts

Efforts made with   steadfastness and zeal bring positive ends 

Ends are essential to boost our mind to sustain the struggle.

Tie your faith to creativity and imagination to make your paradise

Paradise is not built in a day but brick by  brick it comes up

Up the spirit to establish the empire with wit and wisdom

Wisdom teaches us to care and share all we have with the have not’s.  

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Save kids from Obesity


Obesity is becoming a great concern of all as it leads to many diseases. A Little effort on our part will extenuate this menace.

1. Balanced diet


By balanced diet we mean a diet consists of  the vegetables, fruits  and rice or wheat , cereals .We get all the nutrients and nourishments  so that we carry on our daily routine life smoothly and we are hale ad healthy. We are what we eat.We have got a style and tradition  of consuming a balanced diet by virtue of our habit .We are following the way shown by our ancestors when it comes to taking food.This concept of Balanced diet is losing its value day by day . 
GO GREEN should be our mantra as green leaves are very much beneficial to our health.

Breakfast as the name suggests as we break the fast we should take food like a king.
 Lunch should be consumed like a prince. 
And supper we should take as a pauper. 

Let us see what is happening in our family. Nowadays both husband and wife are working and in the morning given the minimum time all are taking food only very limited . In some families I see that if not all, children  may skip the breakfast. It may be due to lack of time or appetite..I come to know  some students can not stand and faint  in the prayer meeting conducted in the schools on Mondays.This is a bad practice as it would lead to ulcer and other complications. 

As far as lunch is concerned , children are provided with a lunch  box carrying curd rice , chappathi etc. Nowadays teachers are instructed to check the same and see whether they take vegetables and fruits along with rice and chappathi.

When it comes to dinner the scenario is entirely different .Only in the night we use to join together and eat food. Children  should take food sufficient quantity.In fact at that time the food would be tasty , fresh and hot. 

Mothers have got a bigger role in managing this balanced diet concept as she is cooking the food and take care of the kitchen department. I can see fathers are also participating in preparation of food . They have to make all the efforts to see whether they take a balanced diet and children also follow suit. 

As the head of the family, the father should purchase all the fruits , vegetables available in the market  and also other grocery items. It is better to spend on food rather on hospital expenses.   Wherever ladies take care of the above , they should see they include all the items in their purchase list.In this aspect they should also teach children the necessity of a balanced diet. 

Fast food like Burger should be avoided and more and more traditional food is to be taken .

 2 An active life

Nowadays the children are becoming addicted to smart phone and video games and other activities related to Internet.. These mobiles have made  them immobile.When we sit for a long time in front of the computer this would result in physical troubles like back pain and piles.The hours our children  spend in front of the monitors should be minimum.They should undertake one or other physical activity to keep their body in healthy condition.They should be taught to learn new skills and hobbies . They should spend mote time for these activities instead of confining themselves social media and virtual  world.

We should do one or other exercise to maintain our body.

You can walk.
You can run.
You can skip.
You can play.
You can jog.
You can dance.
You can swim.
You can do  acrobatic dance.
You can  perform gymnastic exercises.
You can do some domestic chores .

The list is endless . This will make you hale and healthy.  

3.A positive attitude

We should teach our children to entertain positive attitude as it leads them to be happy and cheerful always.Our mind depends on our attitude and so we should develop an optimist outlook .Since sound body and sound mind go together we see that they imbibe the right attitude . Negativity is to be discouraged and they should follow the principles of positivity .There should be proper counseling  to encourage children to put all the hard work and  make all the efforts to succeed in all their aspirations. When failures strike them they should not lose their heart.

When children develop the correct positive attitude they will be disciplined and they concentrate on their well  being. They will try to avoid bad habits. They will give attention to their eating habits and spend sufficient time in playing and doing exercises to have control over their body weight. The vicious circle of indulging in over eating , worrying about the same and again taking food like a glutton should go .

They should be enlightened about obesity and guided to take care of their physical and mental health . 

Sunday, 2 December 2018



No of pages : 202

Published by Notion press

Published on: November 1st 2018



Author's links Goodreads     Amazon 

My take

I have become a fan of Dr. Govind Sharma after having read his amazing books namely STATE VS AMRIT KUMAR , THE BREAK UP CLINIC and THE DEV ANAND STORY i.e film history of actor Dev Anand.

I thank Dr Govind Sharma for having sent me the free copy of the book for my review. When I have gone through the blurb I could grasp the theme of the book namely addiction to smack. Very rarely we  across books on  the same and this book handles it in a plain and heartening manner so as to strike the slogan SAY NO TO DRUGS in a louder tone .

The plot
The amazing book starts with a Prologue captioned HARIDWAR MAY 2018. There are 18 chapters and the backdrop is Rajapur during the period between 2016 - 18. Aakash who lost his mother within a few hours of birth is abandoned by his father. His grandfather a priest in
the Somani temple takes care of him.He lives in one .quarters allowed by Sharan Chacha. When he is studyingg in a Public school he falls a victim of a bad company resulting in doing drugs and betting on cricket matches. There he meets Aarti the youngest of five sisters in a very poor family. There develops  a friendship between them .

After finishing school studies Aakash joins a college whereas Aarti joins as a caretaker of Somani house. Basant Somani the industrialist falls as a prey to Aarti and she takes advantage of her ambition of becoming richer by shortcut route. His wife  Rajeswari beauty queen of Kolkata has got a soft corner for  Aakash and she tries to help him come out of his shackles of addiction to drugs.

There are so many knots to connect the Mcs with many incidents associated with drugs and sex. Questions arise as to whether Aakash comes out of his addiction and what is the fate of Aarti and others caught in the web of destiny.

The pro 

This is definitely a coming of age story of both the protagonists Aakash and Aarti who are the at the threshold of their youth. Their mysterious and secret trajectories would make a great impact on our mind.

This fast-paced tale of friendship, greediness, vices, and virtues would take you the real dark world wherein most of the activities of Mcs happen behind the screen. An interesting and engaging thriller with a strong connection of action and suspense giving an account of miseries they encounter.

It is a great challenge to the author to have a drug addict as the hero of the social drama and he is very much successful in creating sympathy for him in the reader's mind. There is a lot of power struggles, other supportive characters are feeling helpless. Acclimatized to the realm of opulence the characters get intertwined to move the story with all its messiness and intricacy. Memorable characters are the bright spots in a powerful plot.

The narration skill and the storyteller in the author are plus points which make the readers hooked to the novella. The twists and turns with unimaginable and impeccable knots serve as a sure page-turner.

Language is fluid and crisp. Charterers blend with the plot so nicely we can relate with their emotions.

This book is a fitting tribute to a drug addict and holds great messages which would touch the hearts of the readers, creating a new perspective on drug addicts. This great story of redemption, Character growth wherein the side characters also shine.

As this book targets the youth and elders there are many scintillating scenes which are not suitable for children. 

This book tells the story of a down to earth person to reality.The book gives a good insight into the workings of Hindu temples and rituals and cultures. 

Needless to say Of Aakash and Aarti is a classic page-turner loaded with entertainment with a contemplative and absorbing concept with hidden depth.

My favorite

Three important guidelines the book conveys for the drug addicts to come out of their addiction.

1. Change the environment 

2. Go for professional help or  get admitted in Rehab  centers meant for it.

3. Engage in   alternate   activities which are good for all.  

What I feel 

The mention about the sale of kidney  in the story does't fit logically. For the powerful message novel the cover is not so appealing.

My verdict.

As the book end with the slogan Say No to Drugs this book is a good  read by parents , teachers and youth. You can buy the book from the above link.

Score: 5/5

Disclaimer: I have received a free copy of  the book from the author in exchange of my honest and unbiased review . I have not received any monetary compensation for the above review. 


Govind Sharma

Photo taken from GoodReads

Sunday, 25 November 2018


What if 

we smile and act , Don't we meet success always ?

Smiling invigorates our  spirit tranquilizes mind,buoy ups heart and produce an ecstatic chord of euphony  in others soul.The innocent  and invaluable  smile of the kids is alluring us  to intoxicate us like the fragrance of the flowers and the evening breeze.
Wise people say those who don’t smile should never open a shop. It attracts others like magnet drawing iron  . Service with smile is a sweet mantra of service- orientated corporate firms.It is contagious and makes the atmosphere pleasant and delightful.

The best time we should smile is when we get up in the morning. We should look into the mirror and say to ourselves with a smile “ The day is going to be great”.  

If we smile whenever we meet our friends and relatives we spur on friendliness and fondness.
When we come upon  our friends or relatives  after a long time , we  exchange  pleasantries , we extend our right hand to shake (not Golden handshake ) and smile.
Some people use to hug them as a token of respect and regard. If we meet elders, we use to lie down flat to seek their blessings.In Japan when people meet others they bow their head  exhibiting their humility.

Say a louder NO with a big SMILE

 My colleague , in the office, a happy-to-go-shrewd guy is having the habit  always smiling when we are behind the counters servicing the customers. I use to look at him awestruck as he does not get provoked easily and always keep his cool and temperament . 

When we are working together at the counters I observe him as a good student taking a lesson from his teacher. His way of tackling the unreasonable ,unethical and illogical demands of the customers is exemplary .

With a smile he would be conversing with the clients in such a way to making reason out and  fathom why he is helpless. He would handle any situation with great aplomb and equanimity in a diplomatic and prudent way  so as to avoid any confrontation ,argument , dispute or disappointment .

Smile when the situation warrants.

We should not smile at strangers as they may misconstrue as mockery or they take as nincompoops. It is better we keep a restraint to smile always. Suppose if we go to any office for one or other transaction, we may come upon unknown persons. We can smile at them .They would also feel comfortable with us and extend a helping hand.
Thunbam varungal naguga - A Tamil proverb.
It is to mean that we should laugh when the mishap strikes us.   Nowadays Psychologists stress  that we should not curtail  the negative emotions as life has got its own ups and downs .We have to express our agony and anguish by wailing.

We are not robots.We take a pledge to fill the air with ecstasy utilizing the melodious music of smiling. We fill the atmosphere full of  hopefulness , harmony and joy with our grinning ear to ear.

When we entertain nefarious , wrong and negative thoughts we pour out a plastic or fake  smile . As such if we hold positive and right thoughts of optimism . hopefulness, and compassion our smile would be a beguiling and genuine matter.

Sumptuous smile secures success 

Youngsters want to connect  with others always by roaming in the  on-line world.  In the social media like Face-book ,Twitter and whatsApp they are active and use the  Smiley to express their emotions like happiness and sadness.
Always we make sure to flaunt our joy through smiling Smiley.

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Shrink not children's space

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Free Earth Day 2014 Animated Clip Art Download - Free Quotes


"There are children everywhere but not childhood “ , a saying I  come upon reading an article , and how real it is. In our neighborhood there is a family, the only male member of it  has gone abroad and his wife is a teacher in a nearby school.They have got two daughters aged 7 and 5. Her sister a college professor  is residing adjacent to our place along with her husband , a businessman and daughter 3 years old.

Since all go to their work and the granny takes care of the kids when they return from the school in the evening.They take rest or play after taking milk and snacks. They may sometimes do the homework or spend time enjoying a cartoon on the TV.

They always need to play and fun is part of their growth. But the reality is that they don't get the space  and it results in many a psychological and emotional problem.

  Once Children's mother narrated an incident to me which  opened her eyes in respect of her concern for the children. 

One day  she took permission and returned home early. In her house, one room supposed to be a storeroom is kept locked always.When she asked about the children her mother   replied that they went out to play with other children in the garden. She wanted to check the mail from his hubby and She turned the key in the lock  and opened the door of the store room wherein a laptop was kept. 

To her astonishment she found her daughters and her sister's daughter sitting in the corner   looking  at the screen of the laptop   and the room was dark.Actually, the room was kept locked always but  her mother  opened it and forgot  to close it. When the children came in the room it was ajar they entered into the room and decided to spend some time with the laptop which their grandma did   not notice  and locked it without their knowledge.

Immediately their mother  shouted and asked the children  to shut down the laptop and come out of  the room. 

She asked me, “Uncle I feel very bad about this, and I don't know   how to solve it.” 

I have explained to her about the significance of  golden hours of children especially in the evening when they return from the school they should be taken care of nicely and they should be provided with  SPACE they require for their well being and growth physically and mentally.

I asked her”Why do you allow children to access laptop?’
She replied,” Out of necessity. I have instructed my elder daughter to learn the basics so that she can attend her father's  mails and sometime she would call him  through SKYPE in the event of an emergency. “

I said, “OK. But this is not the age to leave the kids to operate it independently without the supervision of an adult member. Like doublededged sword internet also to be treated with care otherwise we have to face unnecessary  problems"

.I continued," We cannot blame your mother, she would forget things  due to old age and not aware of the problems associated with laptop and Internet. Even they play games through it they become addictive and their academic progress is affected"

I  suggested, “you make out a password to open the Laptop and never disclose it to  your children till they attain a particular age they should not be allowed to handle laptop without your monitoring their activities. You can also tell your hubby to contact you over the phone if there is an emergency.See that the laptop is  kept not within the reach of the children. You can arrange tuition for them so that they spend time with purpose."

She has taken my advice and I hope she would go by it for the sake of their children.

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No of pages:  173

Published by: Self

Published on:  September 20th 2018

Genre: Non fiction Self help  Internet Digital security

1720184135 (ISBN13: 9781720184133)

Booklinks :Goodreads    Amazon 

Author's links: Goodreads   Amazon           

My take 
An amazing and timely relevant book. The title has got my attention and I have requested the author for a copy of the book. I thank the author for having sent me the book in PDF form. As the title suggests the book deals with the eyes that are observing our digital journey when our eyes are glued to the smart phone or laptop screen.

WHEN we are active in the cyber realm, there are so many persons watching our activities and there is all the possibility of manipulation, abuse or misuse  by some of them. Our negligence and  overindulgence in the social media and Internet related platforms may lead us to mishaps or loss affecting us physically and mentally.

We have to develop  a critical thinking attitude which idea is highlighted in this book.Also, parents should take some precautionary measures so that their teen aged children don’t fall prey to their own mistakes and blunders by giving all the personal details.  

The All Seeing Digital Eyes by Neville J Kattakayam is a tremendous book for all netizens and others who want to learn about the digital arena.

Social media, Internet and the use of smart phones have become an essential and integrated part of our lives.

 They have become lifetime companion for our young people as well as others .On reading this book you fathom the nature and vulnerability  of the cyber world and you would be able to safeguard yourself from unwanted threats. Your reckless navigations on the online world should   not land you in any sort of trouble.  . 

The author has crafted an excellent resource for all netizens and the knowledge  he imparts would stay with you to prevent you from becoming victims to perpetrators of cyber world and ensure your digital wellbeing .

The author advises us to be careful and cautious about the ill effects that can be avoided if we act with care. He narrates   many dangers, pitfalls, and risks which we may encounter due to our surfing  sans prudence. 

Using a liberal dose of anecdotes, examples of real-life experiences that we can relate to, the author warns us to be aware of loss due to the wrong choices. We should become tech-savvy enough to have a safe online trajectory.

The book is written in first Person and the writing style is easy to follow. The technical jargon may see to be alien to readers but the language used is simple to make any layman understand what the author wants to tell.

The plan
The nuggets of knowledge would be useful to you in your personal life when you go through the virtual world.

There are three parts titles being 1. Technology stack 2 .Threats to you while the online and 3.Take control.

From the Internet, the book discusses all the subjects like Trolling, Doxing,Bullying hacking etc. The book covers DarkNet also .It warns about the Home Wi-Fi a sweet spot that cyber criminals could try to attack  targeting you.

There are tips for you and parents on various prevetive measures. The author has written this book with a idea to enlighten his daughter and hence the book may seem to target parents with teen age children and all should read this book to get awareness about  the internet and it's dangers.

Top 3 tips for safe online journey.

Create an Avatar -which represents the real you, but do not directly link up to you

If it is for free , then YOU are the Product

Explain to your children abut Stranger Danger and the dangers of radicalization early on .

There are spelling mistakes and the book needs some more editing . Language is good and it could be better.

There are totally  19 chapter

My favorite are
We are Data
Revenge porn
Your online persona

Overall this intresting and informative  book has come at this contemporary atmosphere   when there are so many issues,  problems and sufferings come into light owing to the lack of  proper knowledge of Internet and digital world .

A quick and must read by all who work on line and off line,  so as to make a safer and secure  journey in the cyber realm.

My score 4/5

Disclaimer. I have received a free PDF copy of the above book in exchange of my honest and unbiased review .I have not received any Monetary compensation for the same.

Neville J Kattakayam

Author photo taken from Good reads 


Courtesy A loop poem "The sky is the limit” is an old slogan forgotten by all All accept with a dream we can break the a...